Late registration - application for re-matriculation

What you need to do if you have not registered annually on time and have lost your right to study

If you do not register as either present or absent by 31 August (or by 15 January for the Spring term), you will lose your right to study at Hanken and must re-activate your student status if you wish to continue your studies. For this you need to fill in an electronic application for re-matriculation and pay a fee of 35 €, the payment can be made through the application form.

The decision will generally be made within 1-2 weeks and you will be informed by email or phone whether or not the application has been approved. If your application is approved, you should pay the student union fee and register as present by sending the receipt to studyinfo(at) If you are liable for tuition fees, you must complete the tuition fee payment before you can register as present. Please contact for further information. Please note that the re-matriculation fee is to be paid to Hanken (Svenska handelshögskolan) and the student union fee to the Student Union (Svenska Handelshögskolans Studentkår).

If your study time is limited and you forget the annual registration the time you are not on register counts into your total study time as if you had registered as present.