Annual Registration

Degree students must register annually for the academic year

As a degree students must each year register as either present or absent by 31 August (or the upcoming weekday) the latest, or you will be dropped from the study register. You need to register as present if you wish to

  • register for courses and exams
  • get completed studies registered
  • to take part in courses and exams
  • graduate and receive your degree certificate
  • study abroad through Hanken's exchange programme
  • study at another university through the JOO agreement.

Master's students register as present or absent in WebOodi.

Do note that you can postpone the commencement of your studies only for specific reasons set by the Finnish Universities Act (illness or disability, parental leave or completion of military service in Finland).

Doctoral students register as present or absent by filling in the registration form

Please notice that it is your duty as a student to remember to register each year, we will not remind you separately about the registration! You can either register for the whole year by 31 August or separately for the Spring term by 15 January the latest (Note! The deadline for the Spring Term 2022 is 9 January, this day will not be moved to the following Monday!). If these dates are on a weekend, the dead line will move to the next Monday.

Notice also that if you have registered as present you cannot later change your registration to absent whereas a registration as absent can be changed to present any time during the year.

Master's students need to plan carefully when to register as present or absent since your study time is limited!

Contact information

Update your contact information (address and phone number) through WebOodi.