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Grow your team with us! Diversify your company and find the international top talent already located in Finland by collaboration with Hanken. Make your company visible through company-oriented university collaborations and get to know our experienced students via events, internships, summer jobs or thesis projects. Get in touch today!

Engage with international talent

Finnish companies need international talent to succeed as our domestic workforce is declining. By engaging with international talent, your company can secure growth in the future and be part of making Finnish businesses more diverse and internationally competitive. Hanken International Talent enables organizations to engage with diverse quality talent at Hanken by building meaningful connections and offering ways for employer-student collaboration.

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Manager, Hanken International Talent.

External Relations (Helsinki)

Hanken has a diversity of talents

Hanken has international degree students from 20+ countries majoring in Marketing, Business management, Economics, Finance, Accounting, Supply Chain management and Intellectual Property Law. They offer a global perspective, experience, and valuable insights. In return they seek your take on Finnish business culture and how to get closer to a dream internship or job after graduation. Apart from international students in our English master’s program, an increasing number of students from Sweden are applying to our integrated bachelor’s- and master’s program.