Winter School

In collaboration with Lund University, School of Economics and Management in January 2023

Sustainability and Innovation of Money and Banking - a Nordic Perspective

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Lund University, School of Economics and Management (LUSEM) is located in Lund, Sweden.

Why study with us?

  • Winter School is a collaboration with Lund University, School of Economics and Management (LUSEM)
  • Add an exciting Nordic perspective to your business studies!
  • Explore two top Nordic business schools’ perspectives on these current topics.
  • Learn from other students from around the world in an interactive global classroom.
  • Social and cultural activities will be offered alongside the academic programme.
  • Two weeks in the end of January 2023 (one week in Lund and one week in Helsinki)


Growing inequality, apocalyptic environmental damage, and the protracted effects of a global financial crisis have resulted in a discussion on the role of our financial system for the organization of society. At the same time, new technological developments are provoking much experimentation on new forms of money and banking. This course looks at various attempts to “re-imagine money and banking.” It explores opportunities for addressing big societal challenges and asks in particular how new forms of money and banking can contribute to developing more equal, resilient and sustainable societies. While taking an international perspective of these issues, this course also emphasizes current developments in the Nordics.

Language of instruction: English

Level: Bachelor

Credits:  tba

Format: On-campus from January 2023 onwards (one week in Lund and one week in Helsinki).

Who: For students from partner universities, with at least one year of business related studies

When: Two weeks in January 2023. Initial online assignment to be turned in before course start.

Teaching methods: The course combines a variety of methods, ranging from traditional lectures, guest lectures, case studies, interaction-based pedagogy, reading groups, student debates, group work and study visits. Students are expected to participate actively in class.

Application: Apply via your home university International Office by your internal deadlines.

Nomination deadline for partner universities: 15 October. Nominated students apply via our application system Mobility Online. More information and instructions will be sent out to nominated students via e-mail after the nomination deadline has passed.




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