Kurser Advancing Skills in Supply Chain and Social Responsibility

63897 Advancing Skills in Supply Chain and Social Responsibility , 4 sp

Doctoral studies
Teaching language

The elective course is an integral part of the doctoral research process and thesis writing. In addition to supporting research socialization the course is intended to support your analytical and self-reflection skills.

The student agrees on the course content with the instructor before starting the course.

Learning Goal

You will have the skills to analyse, present and discuss academic research.

After completing the course, you will be able to
  • discuss and provide constructive feedback on scholarly work
  • independently communicate and present research results orally and in writing 
  • self-reflect and assess on your skills as a researcher
International Learning Experience

Topics covered are frequently of international importance, or based on international data.

Presenters include individuals who are international faculty, visiting academics or practitioners.

Target Group

Only Hanken doctoral degree students within Supply Chain Management and Social Responsibility.


Particiapations in at least 10 seminars and presentations delivered at Subject, Department and Hanken level.

Total Student Workload

107 hours divided into
Scheduled (contact) hours: 30h
Non-scheduled work: 77h


Reflective diary (including log-book) including:

a) reflective commentaries on each attended seminar, identified key insights, gained knowledge or understanding, and. A record of attended doctoral seminars (currently: guest research seminars, regular doctoral colloquiums, doctoral thesis manuscript seminars, and monthly doctoral luncheon) and own activity/role in them. A sufficient amount of such seminars at the department on a regular basis are expected for achieving broad skills development.

b) an assessment of your development of research skills. Your own presentation material can be attached as appendices.

Acting as junior opponent at a thesis manuscript seminar as well as the presenter at such a seminar at the department.

Course grade: Pass/fail

All parts of the course need to be passed in the same study year.