Corporate Responsibility module for Non-degree students

On this page, you can find information about completing the Corporate Responsibility module as a non-degree participant at Hanken. Non-degree participants are individuals who are not studying towards a degree at Hanken.


The application for 2024-2026 is open from May 1st at 9:00AM to May 31st 11:59PM, 2024. Applicants are required to complete an online application through

Hanken offers a comprehensive study module on Corporate Responsibility (CR) to individuals residing in Finland and have an interest in CR. This CR study module is designed to provide an in-depth understanding of CR issues from multiple stakeholder perspectives. Here are some more details on the application process and CR studies for non-degree students:

The study module requires a minimum of 25 ECTS credits to be completed within two years and can be registered as a module for your bachelor's or master's degree, or taken as a stand-alone module if you are not pursuing any degree.

The CR study module is cross-disciplinary, combining courses from various subjects such as Marketing, Supply Chain Management and Social Responsibility, Politics and Business, Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Management and Organisation, Commercial Law, Economics, and Corporate Governance. It aims to offer an opportunity for students to learn about CR regardless of their major subject and educational background. The module itself is not a part of any specific subject/department at Hanken, but it is administered by the Management & Organisation department (PRME & Green Office).

Hanken offers 40 seats to non-degree students annually. 

To apply:

  • you need to be a resident of Finland 
  • have an interest and/or background in CR, which should be mentioned in your motivation letter.

The applicant does not need to be enrolled in any Finnish university to be eligible for this program.

The program requires participants to attend an compulsory orientation and introductory session on August, the exact date will be announced later. These sessions will be held at Hanken's main building located at Arkadiankatu 22 in Helsinki.

Please take note of the following information when applying for the module, as we receive a significant number of applications from diverse individuals. In order to ensure that all applicants are evaluated fairly, we adopt certain principles that are outlined below.

Our application pool is composed of both active students and working professionals, and we classify these individuals into distinct categories. This means that students are only evaluated against other students, and working professionals against other working professionals. Additionally, we receive applications from people working and/or studying in various fields. Once we have categorised these applicants as students or working professionals, we further classify them based on their field or specialisation. 

We take into account the length of work experience or level of studies to further classify applicants. Once the initial categories have been established, each application is evaluated within their respective group based on the motivation letter. 

We adhere to a quota system to ensure that no category is over-represented in the final selection. The maximum number of individuals that can be chosen from each category is predetermined to ensure that the ratio of selected participants in each category is proportional to the ratio of applicants in the overall application pool. For example, if 5% of applicants are students in the finance field at the master's level, then the selected students will also comprise approximately 5% of the total selected participants. 

Applicants are required to complete an online application through Along with the application, a CV must be attached. The application for 2023-2025 is open from May 1st at 9:00AM to May 31st 11:59PM, 2024. 

Final admission decisions will be made by Friday 14th June, and candidates will be duly notified of their acceptance status.

Those candidates who are selected must inform us of their acceptance of their study place in the CR Module by Wednesday 19th June, using the link provided by

The mandatory orientation and introductory sessions will be held for successful applicants on 19th August (10.00-12.00) and 20st and 22th of August (9.30-12.30). These sessions will be held at Hanken's main building located at Arkadiankatu 22 in Helsinki.

Listed in the files below are the courses available for non-degree participants within the module. It should be noted that non-degree students are restricted to courses that are available at Hanken in Helsinki. 

Beginning of August 2024, you will be required to independently register for teaching in Sisu. This can be accomplished by creating a study plan in Sisu, and instructions for this process can be found in the following link here!

faqs cr_module_for_external_students.pdf Opens in new window

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at, and we will do our best to provide assistance!

After completing the module and obtaining 25 ECTS that can be included in the study module, you are expected to submit a study module assessment request in Sisu before your study rights expire. Instructions can be found here Opens in new window .

Upon completion of the assessment, you will receive a completion certificate, as well as a transcript of records.

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The study module in Corporate Responsibility at Hanken has been an excellent occasion for me to deepen my knowledge about CSR both from environmental and social point of view. I like the way professors have encouraged critical thinking. Course include both academic and corporate perspectives that help to broaden the vision of the complex world we are living in and tackle challenges modern societies are encountering currently.

Heidi Heinonen, CR Module Participant 2018-20, Project Manager at Forum Virium