Study module in Corporate Responsibility

CR module
A cross-disciplinary module/minor in corporate responsibility offered by HANKEN. The next application round for the module is open from 1.5.2024-31.5.2024.

In today's business environment firms need to have capacity and knowledge to deal with issues, impacts and risks concerning stakeholder relations, environmental degradation, human rights, gender aspects, corporate governance, ethical conduct and other sustainability issues. To meet this need Hanken offers a study module in Corporate Responsibility (CR), which is designed to provide anyone residing in Finland and interested in CR with an in-depth understanding of issues related to CR from different stakeholder perspectives, for both degree and non-degree students for free. 

More information about the module/minor for degree and non-degree students:

The study module is an important part of Hanken's endorsement of PRME - the Principles for Responsible Management Education (for further info see UN PRME at Hanken).

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