Hanken Quantum Hackathon 2023

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Hanken Quantum Hackathon 2023 tema är Sustainable Finance in the Quantum Era.
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The financial industry is ripe for innovation, and the advent of quantum computing offers a new frontier for tackling complex problems. Present moment is ripe for persuading decision-makers within financial sector enterprises initiating their exploration into integrating quantum computing into their strategic initiatives and eventually into day-to-day operations.

In this hackathon, we offer different solutions domains within the financial sector for participating teams to build their ideas and projects around. We welcome all students and professionals from both business and technical backgrounds to explore and create innovation to redefine the financial landscape.

Together, let's forge quantum readiness into an essential pillar of the financial sector, ensuring its prosperity amidst the dynamic technological terrain. Collaborate with fellow visionaries and forge solutions that empower financial institutions to navigate the intricate realm of quantum computing. Are you prepared to venture into the uncharted financial frontiers offered by quantum technologies?

Who should join.

We welcome all students, in and outside of Hanken, to participate in this hackathon. Since you have the possibility to approach the hackathon from several different perspectives, the event is suitable for financially or technically oriented business students, as well as engineering students oriented towards CS, programming, physics, fintech etc.

The hackathon is also open for graduates, professionals, startups and more!

You can apply in teams of 2-5 people. The best teams are formed by profiles with different backgrounds and expertise.

Sustainable Finance in the Quantum Era.

Quantum is relevant and applies to everyone! Your challenge is to wake up decision-makers in the finance sector and show that now is the time to act and find out how quantum and other technologies could be leveraged to enhance financial operations and the financial landscape overall.

Your solution for this challenge can be a concept presentation, a concept and a prototype, an application, a quantum model, or something else! The focus should be on visualising the still unlocked opportunities for creating a sustainable finance quantum era.

Read more about examples on solution areas you could focus on, to give you some inspiration and ideas for your project.