| 27.03.2023

Sustainability report Hanken 2020-2022 (PRME)

The report covers Hanken's sustainability activities during 2020-2022.

As a member university of PRME - The Principles for Responsible Management Education, Hanken reports on the activities around progress for sustainability work in education, research and organization. The report maps Hanken's position to reach the 2030 goal according to the PRME principles:

Principle 1 | Purpose
Principle 2 | Values
Principle 3 | Method
Principle 4 | Research
Principle 5 | Partnership
Principle 6 | Dialogue
Principle 7 | Organisational sustainability  (Addendum)

Read the new report here:

The Principles for Responsible Management Education is a global network initiated by the United Nations, which aims to encourage and inspire responsible economic education. Its task is to change and influence economics education to train responsible leaders. For more information on PRME, visit: www.unprme.org
More information about PRME and the report itself is provided by:
Enni Nokkosmäki
PRME Coordinator
e-mail: prme@hanken.fi


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