Entrepreneurship, Management and Organisation

What is the major Entrepreneurship, Management and Organisation about ?

​The subject Entrepreneurship, Management and Organisation focuses on the universal organization-based problems, challenges, and opportunities presented by the need to maintain an entrepreneurial stance in the context of continual and rapid change. We have developed and engage in a process of continual refinement of our curriculum. Our goal is to support the development of the necessary current theoretical understanding, critical thinking skills, and entrepreneurial mindset and practices in our graduates to facilitate proactive engagement with the problems of today and the future. We develop knowledge and education related to the launch of entrepreneurial ventures and the maintenance of entrepreneurial practices in established firms.

Through our research and teaching, we actively engage with the emerging scholarly and practical developments in topics including creativity, innovation, business transformation, financing, and venture capital. We consider the roles of individuals, teams, organisations, networks, cultural, economic, political, and social contexts alongside different firm typologies. Subtopics in these courses can include business model development and testing, innovation management, corporate venturing, and internationalization. Students get to practice working with tools such as the lean canvas, design-thinking, and artificial intelligence. And, in line with Hanken and Finland’s values, considerations of sustainability and circular economy permeate all our endeavors. We enjoy international collaboration with researchers and practitioners from all over the world. 

Entrepreneurship, Management and Organisation is a growing subject with a good academic network in Finland and the Nordic countries as well as to the business world. We have a strong scientific faculty with solid industry and entrepreneurship experience. Articles are published in top-level journals such as Academy of Management Review, Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Business Venturing, and Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice. 1-2 PhD students graduate every year in entrepreneurship and management.

Studies in Entrepreneurship, Management and Organisation are intended to give the students knowledge about the development of young and growing companies as well as new business development within larger companies. Central themes are entrepreneurship, innovations, internalization, venture capital, portfolio venture investment, growth, corporate entrepreneurship, and intrapreneurship

Contact person:

Professor Joakim Wincent