Apply for JOO Studies

JOO Agreement/flexible study right: External students can complete courses at Hanken and Hanken's own students can complete courses at other universities
  • External students at other universities who want to complete studies at Hanken: Want to study business administration, but your own university doesn't offer any courses? Want to study at Hanken? JOO studies might be right for you. 

    All Finnish universities are signatories to an agreement whereby both undergraduate and postgraduate students are permitted to apply to take courses at other Finnish universities. This agreement is known as the JOO Agreement (a Finnish acronym for 'Flexible Study Rights' agreement).

  • Hanken's own students: Want to study a specific course/subject that is NOT offered at Hanken? Then JOO studies might be right for you!

All applicants have to have completed at least 54 credits at their own university before they can even start a JOO application process. You need to be registerad as present at your own university when you hand in your application for JOO-studies.

The JOO process is slow and the demands for granting the right to study are high. Thus, we recommend that external students check out Hanken's other offerings first, and that Hanken students visit the study counsellors before they begin the process.