Master's Degree studies in English

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The Master's Programme in Accounting provides you with a distinct competitive edge in international accounting, assurance and business sustainability.

Financial markets have become turbulent and face increasing regulatory pressures. The diversity and complexity of financial contracts and financial reporting – be it for the corporate world or investment management applications – require understanding about the business and its environment, integrity and in-depth knowledge of financial theory, coupled with sound accounting principles.

Our Master’s Programme in Accounting develops the necessary skills for you to pursue a successful international career in accounting, corporate financial management or assurance. The programme offers you a comprehensive view of how to analyze profitability and sustainable value creation of businesses and measure and manage business risk. It also teaches you how international accounting practices and regulations help secure sustainable business practices and continued trust from stakeholders.

During your Accounting studies you will focus on the following areas:

•    analyzing profitability and value creation of businesses
•    international accounting practices and regulations
•    securing sustainable business practices and continued trust from all stakeholders
•    how sustainable business is formed and maintained