The first steps as a new student

On these pages you will find the most important steps to take as a new student.

1. Accept the admission offer

  • Accept the admission offer in MyStudyinfo or using the link to Studyinfo, which you received via e-mail, as soon as possible!
  • If you have problems accepting the admission offer, contact

NOTE! If you do NOT intend to accept the admission offer, please decline the offer actively in Studyinfo as soon as possible – in that way you enable the queue to move forward, and another applicant can be offered admission and have sufficient time to make the arrangements needed to start their studies at Hanken in the autumn.


2. Deliver your educational documents (applies to conditionally admitted students)

  • If you admission offer is CONDITIONAL, you must deliver officially of digitally certified copies of your educational documents.
  • If your admission offer is only conditional due to tuition fees, please follow the instructions delivered to you in the admission offer.
  • You can only register for the academic year once the conditions have been met.
  • NOTE! Pack your ORIGINAL educational documents for the degree based on which you applied (+ possible official translations of the documents in original) to bring with you to the study location since conditionally admitted students must submit the documents for verification during the Orientation Days in case their documents have not been verified via a digital verification service (OmaOpintopolku, Ladok, Digitary, Parchment Exchange etc.).


3. Register for the academic year

  • You register for the academic year 2024–2025 through the Oili form in MyStudyinfo or using the link to Studyinfo which you received with your admission offer. You register as present by paying the Student Union fee no later than 31.7.2024. You will only be able to register once you have met all conditions set for your admission offer.
  • When you are registered as present, you should study fulltime since your study time is limited.
  • It is mandatory to be registered as present during your first academic year – you are only allowed to register as absent if you have a legal reason.
  • If you cannot register as present as described above, contact


4. Apply for residence permit and read the info for international students

  • Citizens of a country located outside the EU/EEA or Switzerland must apply for a residence permit as soon as possible after they have received their admission offer – especially during the summer months the processing times are long. 
  • ALL international students should read the information for international students, so that they can make appointments etc. with authorities in Finland in time. 


5. Goin' to Hanken app

Who else is starting their studies at Hanken this year? Get to know your student peers already now! Goin’ to Hanken is a closed community for new and current students at Hanken and a great way for you to integrate at Hanken and meet people who have the same interests as you. Joining Goin to Hanken helps you to learn more about Hanken and meet new friends even before the Orientation Days! Register with Goin to Hanken, download the app to your phone and start connecting with your fellow students. You find the registration link to Goin' in your admission offer.

Student admitted before April through the rolling admission to MSc programmes or to the Phd programme, will receive access to the link in April separately.


6. Apply for housing

Are you moving to Helsinki or Vaasa to start your studies at Hanken and need an apartment? Read more about housing.


7. Student Health Care fee for students in higher education

  • Students attending a Bachelor's or Master's degree at a higher education institution and who have registered as present for the academic term must pay a student health care fee in Finland. The fee must be paid to Kela, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland, even though you have an international health insurance and even if you have access to occupational care and do not use the student health care services of FSHS Opens in new window .
  • The fee must be paid for each term. Kela does not send an invoice for the fee, so students must make sure to pay it on their own initiative. You can pay the healthcare fee via Kela’s e-service OmaKela (available in Finnish and Swedish only). Read more about how to complete the payment att Opens in new window

The expiration date for the health care fee depends on when you register as present

  • For the Autumn term the expiration date is November 15th, if you register as present no later than September 30th.
  • For the Spring term the expiration date is March 15th, if you register as present no later than January 31st.

NOTE! There might be changes to the deadlines, so please also check the dates on Kela's website.

You do not need to pay the student health care fee if you have social security coverage in another EU/EEA country, from Switzerland or from Great Britain or Northern Ireland. In this case you can still use the FSHS services. Read more about how to proceed if you hold social security coverage in another EU/EEA country, Switzerland or Great Britain on Kela's webpages.

Not applicable to doctoral researchers


8. Hanken User ID

  • Once you have registered as present you can collect your Hanken user IDwhich you need in order to access all digital services and study tools at Hanken. 
  • Please note that you can only collect your Hanken User ID when your data has been transferred from the application system Studyinfo to Hanken's study register Sisu and your study right has become active, that is on August 1st. 
  • For students liable for tuition fees (studies in English), it takes longer for their data to be transferred since their information manually must be approved when transferring the data to Sisu.
  • If you cannot access the Hanken Self Service for collecting your Hanken User ID, you will be able to collect the ID as following. Remember to bring official passport/EU ID card!


    • Friday 23.8.2024 at 9:30-12:00 at the Student Service desk (1st floor)
    • Monday 26.8.2024 at 11:30-13:00 at the Student Service desk (1st floor)
    • or at another time during the Orientation Days


    • Friday 23.8.2024 at 9:00-15:00 at the IT Services
    • Monday 26.8.2024 at 9.00-15:00 at the IT Services
    • or at another time during the Orientation Days


  • If none of these options are possible for you, please contact the Hanken IT Services at


9. Certificate of student status


10. The digital student card Frank

Not applicable for doctoral researchers


11. Update your contact details

Once you have registered as present and collected your Hanken user ID, check that you contact details are correct in the study tool Sisu.

Students who applied without a Finnish Personal Identity Code
  • When you as a foreigner receive your Finnish Personal Identity Code after registering with either the Finnish Immigration Services or with the Digital and Population Data Services (DVV) (read more on the pages for international students), you must visit the Student Service desk at Hanken in Helsinki or the Office of Study Affairs in Vaasa so that the Personal Identity Code can be registered in the study register. It is mandatory by law for all students to have the personal identity code registered in the study register.


12. Notification of move 

  • If you already live in Finland or you are a Finnish citizen living abroad and move to Helsinki or Vaasa in order to start your studies, you must submit a notification of move to the Digital and Population Data Services in order to update your address both in the Population Data register and at the postal services. 
  • If you move to Finland as a foreigner, your new address is registered simultaneously as you complete the registration as a foreign student in Finland at the Digital and Population Data Services.


13. Attend the Orientation Days for new students!

  • The studies commence with Orientation Days at both study locations for all different groups of new students – book all Orientation Days so you can attend.
  • NOTE! Remember to bring the ORIGINAL educational documents for the degree based on which you applied and possible official translations of the documents with you to the study location if your admission offer was conditional and you delivered hard paper copies of your educational documents to fulfil the conditions for your admission offer. If your educational documents were verified through an electronic credential service (OmaOpintopolku, Digitary, Parchment Exchange, CSSD etc.), you do not need to bring your original documents. All students required to bring their documents will be informed of it in August.
  • Bring your personal computer with you to the Orientation Days – you will also need the computer during your studies. Read about regulations for use of computers at Hanken.