Finding my way at Hanken

Here you will find links to various useful pages for you to find your way at Hanken, in student life and also other services outside Hanken that may be good to know.

At Hanken

  • Student Lunch: All students in Finland are entitled to a subsidized student lunch. By showing your student card in the Frank app, you can eat at a cheaper price at all student cafes in Finland. Read about Hanken's student restaurant, prices and today's lunch.
  • Keys: The doors at Hanken are usually open on weekdays during office hours, but if you want to come in in the evening to do group work etc., you need to collect a key. You can collect a key at the reception as soon as you have a valid study right and a user ID.
  • Lockers: a limited amount of lockers are available at Hanken where you can keep your student litterature and other material. Contact the IB Bookstore in the basement of Hanken to rent a locker.
  • Printing credits: As a student, you need to purchase printing credits to use a printer at Hanken. Read more about printing at Hanken.
  • Computers: For the studies, you need your own computer. There are also a number of computer rooms at Hanken for student use.

  • Hanken's library offers a wide range of different services for our students, familiarize yourself with the library services at Hanken in Helsinki at Hanken in Helsinki. In Vaasa it is the Vaasa City Library which take care of the library services. 
  • The IB bookshop is located in the basement of Hanken where you can buy materials, Hankenmerge and exam literature, see IB's opening hours on their Facebook page.
  • Equality and diversity and accessibility: There are set guidelines at Hanken.


Studylife & Student Union

  • Studying also includes student life. In both Vaasa and Helsinki there is an active student life.  Please familiarize yourself with the activities of the student union in Helsinki and Vaasa via the links below:
    • Studentunion SHS in Helsinki
    • Studentunion SHVS in Vaasa. 


Other services

  • Sport services in Helsinki for all Hanken students are offered by Unisport. Read more on Unisports webpages
  • Sport services in Vaasa for all Hanken students are offered by ÅAU Sports Wasa. Read more on the ÅAU Sports Wasa webpages.
  • Public transport in Helsinki (busses, trains, trams and city bikes) are handled by HSL.
  • Public transport in Vaasa (busses) arel offered by Lifti.
  • Train connections in the whole of Finland is offered by VR.
  • Long distance busses are offered by Matkahuolto and Onnibus
  • Financial aid for students and General housing allowence: Kela, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland, offer info on financial support during the studies and other financial social support. Normally foreigners who are residing in Finland based on studies are not entitled to financial support from Kela.

Note! As a student you are often entitled to student discount on busses, trains etc.