How to apply - step-by-step

Here you find the application process described step-by-step.

Before applying

  • Read all of the information on the admission page and all subpages carefully and check that you fulfill the admission requirements.
    • Note! You can only apply to 2 Master's degree programmes each admission round.
    • If you apply to 2 Master's degree programmes, you will also have to complete 2 separate motivational questionnaires when filling out the application form.
  • Book a time for a language test and the GMAT or GRE test if required as early as possible - Hanken accepts results all year long.
  • Start collecting the required enclosures in time.


Submit your application 

  • Complete the application as soon as possible after the application period has started  and upload all required enclosures.
    • Please use a personal e-mail address which you can access on a permanent basis.
    • The application form is designed in English - make sure that your Opintopolku/Studyinfo page is in English as well before you start to fill out the form.

    • The application form cannot be saved as a draft so collect all your attachments and prepare your answers to the motivational questionnaire before you start to fill in the form.

    • NOTE! Submit your application as early as possible - it will increase the amount time you have to supplement your application in case something is missing.


Processing of applications

  • Remember to check your email (the address that you used in the application form), and also the spam folder regularly!
  • The Admission Services evalute your general eligiblity (degree from a recognised instiution, language requirement and GMAT/GRE test result or GPA and sufficient educational documents) and can request you to supplement your application.
  •  Applications which fulfill the general admission requirements are forwarded for academic evaluation at the programmes applied to. Based on the proposal from the staff at the programmes, the Admission Committee submits one common proposal for admission to Master level studies in English to the rector, who makes the final admission decision.


Recieving the admission results

  • The admission results will be available by the end of March 2023.
  • You will be informed by e-mail about the results - check your spam folder often since your personal welcome package and possible scholarship offer might end up there.


Admitted students: submit officially certified copies of your educational documents

Admitted applicants are required to:

  • submit officially certified (attested) hard copies or digital official copies of the educational documents to the Admission Services as soon as possible but no later than 5 weeks after the admission results have been published.
    • If available, please use Electronic Transcripts Verification Services to deliver your transcript.
    • Note that there can be additional country-specific document requirements which can take a considerable amount of time to complete.
  • If you have not yet graduated at the time you receive your admission offer, the last date to deliver officially certified copies is the last workday (Monday-Friday) before or on 31 July the same year at 15:00 (GMT +2). 
  • If you are required to pay tutition fees, you need to follow the instructions sent to you concering the payment.

Applicants are conditionally admitted until the certified documents have been received (and the tuition fee payment if applicable). Conditionally granted study rights will be cancelled if the certified documents and possible tuition fee payments are not received in the required manner by the given deadline.