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We conduct research at the Centre for Languages and Business Communication.


Research at the Language Centre

The Centre for Language and Business Communication at Hanken is not only involved in teaching but also in research and many are involved in various collaborative projects. Here you can find out who is doing research at the Language Centre, read more about the researchers at Hanken in Hanken's research database HARIS.


Current research projects

Many interesting research projects are carried out collaboratively and are thus cross-language and cross-disciplinary, despite the fact that the participant represents a particular language. Follow the links below for more information about these collaborative projects.

LEADERSHIP PIPELINE & QUALITY IN HIGHER EDUCATION – The academic environment has become more complex than ever. Demands for efficiency, qualitative teaching, and administration, combined with the digital leap taken during the COVID-19 pandemic, has created new challenges in higher education. Responding to these challenges requires a multidisciplinary approach and that's why we have created a network, which enhances cooperation between different faculties at the University of Helsinki, together with Hanken School of Economics.


Language Boost Project - Kielibuusti – In the Language Boost project, teaching of Finnish and Swedish will be developed to make it a better match for the language proficiency needs of international experts to be recruited into Finland and those already in the country.


2DIGI2 – 2DIGI2 is a two-year project, 2022-2023, involving teachers and staff from twelve language centres around Finland. The project is a continuation of 2digi aiming at assisting language centre teachers in navigating the rapidly changing digital teaching environment.


UniStart Deutsch @ NBL – The UniStart Deutsch @ NBL project is a 10-year project that aims to study German language skills and attitudes towards learning German among first-year students in the five Nordic countries Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden as well as in the three Baltic countries Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The German department at the Hanken School of Economics has been participating in the project since 2019. The language level of first-year students in German is tested in a standardised way using the OnSET test. In addition, data on the students' language biography, learning motivation and language attitudes are collected in an online survey.


Projektet Finlandssvenskars skrivande i arbetslivet (FISKAR) – Communication in the workplace is changing in terms of channels and languages. Research in this area needs to be complemented, which is why a research project on communication in working life has been launched at Hanken's Centre for Languages and Business Communication. The project focuses on how Swedish and Finnish are used in today's worklife, but of course it also addresses English.


Språket utvecklas ständigt, och som digital natives driver vi en ny våg av språkliga förändringar. Nya generationer omformar vårt sätt att använda språk och nu i den alltmer digitala världen har förändringarna lagt i en ny växel. Flerspråkig kommunikation är numera en norm och gränserna mellan talspråk och skriftspråk har blivit suddiga. Vi anser att dessa trender är betydelsefulla och värda att utforskas och kartläggas. 

Projektet Snabbmeddelanden på flera språk: fokus på WhatsApp i finlandssvensk digital kommunikation samlar in en textkorpus, MMWAH – Multilingual / Multimodal WhatsApp Discussions Hanken. Projektet samlar in data kring unga vuxnas språkanvändning i datormedierad kommunikation. Sponsorering har i nuläget beviljats av Svenska Kulturfonden, som finansierat verksamhet för två år.   

 Research in respective languages

Research is also carried out within each language department, by researchers representing these languages. The links below will take you to these researchers' profiles on Hanken's Research Portal HARIS, where Hanken's research output and intellectual resources are collected and presented. In HARIS you can search and browse publications, activities and current projects for all researchers and languages.