Doctoral Studies Abroad

Broaden your perspective - Visit another university!

If you are interested in visiting a university or a research institution abroad you can start by discussing alternatives with the professors and researchers in your department. They have knowledge about the research conducted at different universities and they have contacts that might be very useful for the department's researchers and doctoral researchers. Research Funding Services offers information that may be useful to you when you are seeking alternative funding possibilites for your visit abroad on the web.

In planning doctoral studies or research abroad you might find the following links useful. See also our pages on research funding. If you are interested in courses offered by international collaborators, rather than visiting a university for research purposes, please see the information on External courses .

Search Engines and Mobility Portals:

Exchange programmes, mobility grants, collaboration networks:

World wide:

  • CIMO: Cimo has an exchange programme with many countries and awards funding for research and doctoral studies abroad. Visit the CIMO web page for scholarship programmes. Note that the age limit for CIMO scholarships for doctoral researchers is 35 years.
  • Hanken has agreements for student exchange with many universities. A few of the agreements also include mobility agreements for doctoral researchers and for teaching staff. The Centre can give you information on contact persons at partner universities and on types of support included in the agreement.
  • Stiftelsernas post doc pool. Some foundations (Emil Aaltosen säätiö, Helsingin Sanoman säätiö, Koneen säätiö, Alfred Kordelinin Säätiö, Suomen Kulttuurirahasto, Svenska Kulturfonden, Stiftelsen för teknikens främjande and Jenny and Antti Wihurin rahasto) have started a post doc pool in order to provide funding to post doc researchers for research work abroad. For more information and application deadlines please see the pool's web page.
  • Research Professional Opens in new window : Research Professional is an online platform for research funding opportunities and research policy news. Read more here
  • Information about research in Finland. Funding calls on

The Nordic Countries:

  • NordForsk (Nordic Research Board) promotes co-operation in research, researcher training and researcher mobility within the Nordic countries.
  • General information on studies in the Nordic Countries
  • Botnia_Atlanticaprogrammet The Botnia-Atlantica programme is a cross-border cooperation programme intended to co-fund projects within the Botnia-Atlantica area. The programme is one of several European territorial Cooperation programmes, co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund. A similar cooperation was earlier carried out under the Interreg heading. The Kvarken-MittSkandia Interreg IIA and IIIA programmes were implemented 1995-1999 and 2000-2006 respectively. For information on cooperation projects, which may include mobility funding, please see the project's homepage.


  • The Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) is the European Union’s reference programme for doctoral education and postdoctoral training. MSCA fund excellent research and innovation and equip researchers at all stages of their career with new knowledge and skills, through mobility across borders and exposure to different sectors and disciplines. Horizon Europe is the research and innovation funding programme of the European Union for the years 2021-2027.
  • The European mobility portal EURAXESS - Researchers in Motion
  • European University Institute: The European University Institute (EUI) is maintained by the EU countries and is located in Florence in Italy. The Academy of Finland subsidises persons who wish to earn their doctorates in the EUI doctoral training programme (see > For researchers > Funding opportunities > In alphabetical order > Grants for researcher training at EUI. EUI also offers research facilities to senior fellows and researchers.
  • EIASM (European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management) is a European network for research and doctoral studies. Hanken is a member of EIASM. Visit the EIASM web site regularly for information on doctoral courses, seminars and workshops ("Calendar of Activities"). Through the EIASM web site will also provide access to the EDEN web (EIASM's Doctoral Education Network). The contact person at Hanken is PhD Programme Manager Anu Helkkula.
  • EDAMBA (European Doctoral Programmes Association in Management and Business Administration) offers courser and seminars. For more information on the activities visit the EDAMBA home page. Please note! Applications for the EDAMBA Research Summer Academy are sent by the researcher's university. Therefore no applications are to be sent directly to EDAMBA. Please contact the Scholarship Liaison Officer at the Centre for research and international affairs in case you are interested in participating.
  • IIASA (International Institute for Applied System Analysis) is an interdisciplinary research institution located in Austria. IIASA is sponsored by a consortium of national member organisations in Asia, Europe, and North America. The funds for Finnish IIASA collaboration and the secretariat functions are provided by the Academy of Finland (see > For researchers > Funding opportunities > In alphabetical order > Researcher visits to IIASA. The institute conducts inter-disciplinary studies on environmental, economic, technological and social issues in the context of human dimensions of global change. IIASA offers Fellowships for young researchers and possibilites for research visits to the institute.
  • British Council: about studies in the Great Britain. See also the web page of the British Council in Finland. Most of the universities in the UK require that doctoral researchers from abroad have taken the IELTS-test and/or the TOEFL-test and/or the GMAT-test.
  • Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD): about studies in Germany. Scholarships are available also for doctoral researchers and researchers. More information on the vast variety of grants is available in Finnish and in German on (see section Kulttuuri ja Koulutus or Kultur und Bildung)
  • In the Austrian database for scholarships and research grants you may search for information on funding opportunities for studies or research in Austria
  • For information on scholarships for postgraduate and postdoctoral studies in Greece, please see

The United States of America, Canada

  • The Fulbright Finland Foundation : Finnish doctoral researchers and researchers can apply for scholarships for studies and research in the United States via the ASLA Fulbright grant programme. TOEFL-test - in most cases also the GMAT-test - is required. Hanken also takes part in the Cost Share Programme, making it possible for doctoral researchers, post docs and senior researchers to study / do research in the United States. Applications for Cost Share Scholarships are submitted to the Fulbright Finland Foundation, whereafter they are screened by Hanken. The final decision on awarding the scholarship is made by the Fulbright, not by Hanken. The contact person at Hanken for the Cost Share Scholarships is the Scholarship Liaison Officer at the Office of Research, International Affairs and Corporate Connections, who also informs staff and researchers about the call for applications (usually in the late spring, application deadline in the beginning of August). Application forms and instructions can be found on The Fulbright Finland Foundation website.
  • SCANCOR (Scandinavian Consortium for Organizational Research) at the Stanford University offers Hanken's doctoral researchers possibilities to study and research in the United States during a period of from one month to one year. More information can be found on the SCANCOR web page and via the Finnish board member, please see SCANCOR's home page, About SCANCOR-> Board.
  • The League of Finnish American Societies awards scholarships for research and doctoral studies in the United States
  • Apply for scholarships to Canada through the International Council for Canadian Studies, Nordic Association for Canadian Studies. For more information, please see


Scholarships for studying in Japan. In addition to the scholarships administered by the embassy of Japan in Finland, there is also a link list to other funding organisations, programmes and sites of interest when you need information on studies/research in Japan.


Nordiska Afrikainstitutet in Uppsala is a research, documentation and information centre on modern Africa for the Nordic countries. It promotes research and studies on Africa in the Nordic countries and co-operation between African and Nordic researchers. It also disseminates information about current African issues. The Nordic Africa Institute supports studies on Africa in the Nordic countries through several types of grants.