Study Regulations

The legislation sets the grounds for the education as well as for students rights. In addition, Hanken has set rules for the degree education and for various processes concerning study affairs.

Hanken's Degree Regulations constitute the principal document on the requirements for the degrees, while the Rules of procedure concerning studies and examination deal more with processes.

The degree regulations contain Hanken's basic provisions on education and degree requirements.

The Rules of procedure concerning studies and examination specifies regulations and defines study-related processes at Hanken.

The Universities Act sets the rules for Finnish universities and students' rights. The Government Decree on University Degrees sets the national degree regulations (all revisions are not available in English).

Rules for the use of Hanken's IT systems can be found on the IT services pages.

Possibilities to influence

There are student representatives i all the decision-making bodies concerning study affairs: the Board, Academic Councils, department councils and work groups. The Student Union guards your interests, and you can always contact the Student Union's executive board or the students representants in Hanken's decision-making boards if you wish to influence or have questions about the decisions that have been made.