Academic excellence, English proficiency, Quantitative proficiency and a GMAT/GRE score are the application requirements for QTEM Masters Network. Find out more about the requirements on this page.

Eligibility criteria

  1. Master's students studying one of the following majors or tracks:
    • Accounting
    • Economics and
    • Finance
  2. 3rd year BSc students within the majors Accounting, Economics and Finance. You are to complete your BSc degree before the QTEM exchange.

The selection of students for QTEM is based on Academic excellence (must have), English proficency (must have) and Quantitative proficiency (must have),

The general QTEM eligibility rule:

GMAT score minimum 650* (see the exceptions below)

*Exceptions to the general QTEM eligibility rule:

 For students with a BSc degree from Hanken:

  • GMAT score 600-649 -> GPA at least 3,5 in either BSc or MSc studies
  • GMAT score 580-599* -> GPA at least 4 in either BSc or MSc studies

For Students with a non-Hanken BSc degree:

  • GMAT score 600-649 -> GPA at least 3,5 in MSc studies at Hanken
  • GMAT score minimum 580-599* -> GPA at least 4 in MSc studies at Hanken

*Hanken can annually nominate maximum 3 students with a GMAT score 580-599.

Note! When you take the GMAT or GRE test: Fill in Hanken as your university and use the respective codes: NRC-QZ-38 (GMAT-code) and 8433 (GRE-code). Your test scores will be sent automatically to Hanken this way. You should also choose to send the scores to QTEM by searching for QTEM under school name or program. 

Study pace

The students have to have at least 25 credits per semester completed at Hanken (completed before 31 December or 31 May, the credits do not have to be registered in the study records by these dates).

Proficiency in English

Hanken BSc and MSc students fulfil the QTEM English language requirement, which is in line with the Hanken exchange programme requirement.
Please note that some QTEM member universities can have their own language requirements (e.g. a TOEFL or IELTS score) which the students have to fulfil in order to be accepted as a QTEM student to the university.

Ranking of students nominated by Hanken

Students that fulfil the QTEM criteria will be ranked according to their success in the studies. The ranking is based on grades, study pace and activity in the student society (follows the same ranking model as the Hanken exchange programme).

QTEM makes final decision on selection

QTEM makes the final selection and allocates the exchange places.

The GMAT™ Exam Has Four Sections:

  1. Analytical Writing Assessment—measures your ability to think critically and to communicate your ideas
  2. Integrated Reasoning—measures your ability to analyze data and evaluate information presented in multiple formats
  3. Quantitative Reasoning—measures your ability to analyze data and draw conclusions using reasoning skills
  4. Verbal Reasoning—measures your ability to read and understand written material, to evaluate arguments and to correct written material to conform to standard written English

In total the test takes just under 3 1/2  hours to complete, including two optional breaks.

The following document includes more information on the GMAT Exam structure and how to prepare for the GMAT Exam: 

For additional tips and tricks on how to prepare for the GMAT Exam and what things to take into consideration during the exam, watch the following video where QTEM students and alumni share their experiences. 


QTEM has also answered some of the most frequently asked questions about the GMAT, the questions and answers can be found here. 

You can read more about GMAT as well as register for the GMAT Exam here. The Finnish GMAT test centre is located in Espoo, Northern-Tapiola. More detailed information about the teste centre can be found here. 

Note! When you take the GMAT or GRE test: Fill in Hanken as your university and use the respective codes: NRC-QZ-38 (GMAT-code) and 8433 (GRE-code). Your test scores will be sent automatically to Hanken this way. You should also choose to send the scores to QTEM headquarters by searching for QTEM under school name or program. 


When can I apply for QTEM?

You can apply twice a year for participation in the QTEM Master's Network; in Winter for exchanges for Autumn semester and in late Spring for exchanges for next Spring semester. The application will not be opened for Spring semester 2025.

For students with a BSc from Hanken it is recommended to conduct the QTEM exchange during the second semester of the Masters studies. Students with a BSc from abroad or another Finnish university usually conduct their QTEM exchange during the third semester of their Masters studies. 


Application process and selection timeline

The application will not be opened for Spring semester 2025.


The application process and selection timeline for QTEM Masters Studies at Hanken is the following: 

5 Feb/5 June Deadline to submit application
February/June Hanken internal selection
February/June Hanken’s selected QTEM candidates are sent to QTEaM in Brussels
1 March/1 July QTEaM confirms the QTEM candidates and exchange allocations
20 May/20 September Deadline to submit GMAT/GRE test score in case not yet submitted
April/September Hanken nominates you to your QTEM host university
QTEM students apply to their QTEM host university



The QTEM exchange starts


It is recommended for the applicants to prepare for and if possible also take the GMAT test already before the application deadline (5 Feb/5 June). It is possible to apply to the QTEM Masters Network before getting the GMAT results, however this will affect the student's ranking and therefore it might also affect the exchange destination allocation. 

Below you will find instructions for filling in the online application. The instructions are organised according to the structure of the application form. Before you begin filling in the online application, please read the instructions, prepare your attachments and select 5 partner universities you wish to study at. Applications submitted after the deadline will not be processed.

The online application is accessed through the Mobility Online Portal when the application is open. Log in with your Hanken id and password. You will then access the application form. Part of the information is automatically filled out from Sisu (the student register). If you cannot access the information in Mobility Online, clear your browser's web history or switch to another browser.

A. Information concerning the application

In this section exchange programme, academic year and semester will be filled out automatically.

B. Personal Information

Matriculation number, last name, first name, e-mail address, date of birth, gender and nationality comes directly from Oodi

Fill in place and country of birth and age.

C. Information concerning the current studies at Hanken

  • Country of Sending Institution, Sending Institution and Campus, comes directly from Sisu.
  • For Major Subject you should choose your major at Hanken from the dropdown menu.
  • Under number of higher education years at Hanken prior to the exchange period you should write how many full academic years you have completed up until the start of the planned exchange semester.
  • Fill out your Current level of Studies by ticking the right box (Bachelor's Degree/ Master's Degree)
  • Reply to the questions regarding experience of previous exchange studies/internships and if you have been registered as absent during your studies.
  • Indicate if you have already taken the GMAT or GRE test and the date of the test (when the test was taken or when you have planned to take it).

D. Information concerning the stay abroad

In the application you must select 5 different partner universities in priority order. Select these from the drop-down menus. Plan carefully which partner universities you select. Hanken will forward your choices to the QTEM Headquarters in Brussels and they make the final choices. If you are not selected for your first choice, they will move on to the second choice etc.

Please note! Some partner universities are open for exchange studies exclusivly during either the autumn semester or the spring semester. Therefore, remember to check which semesters are open for exchange at your university of interest before applying.

We advise you to be aware of the state of world affairs and consider which countries you wish to go on an exchange to. Hanken is only in limited cases able to arrange new exchange positions for students who withdraw from allocated exchange positions due to, for example, a natural disaster.

The planned study level must be Master’s for the QTEM exchange.

"Stay from" and "Stay to" refers to semester dates at your five selected partner universities. The documents below show QTEM partner universities' estimated semester dates and estimated ' academic calendars. For more accurate semester dates: check the partner universities' web pages, the information is often under the heading "Academic Calendar". Additionally, there is an interactive academic calendar including all QTEM universities on the QTEM portal Opens in new window .

Note that the partner universities' semesters may differ from Hanken's and may start later than Hanken's, and end in January-March. Exam periods are often arranged in January-March and July-August, and hence you should be prepared to go back for the exam periods. These are issues that you should consider when planning your exchange studies.

E. Language competence

Fill in information regarding your first language and the language of instruction at Hanken.

F. Contact person in case of emergency

G. Other information - check that the information you have given is correct.

Remember to send the application after you have checked that everything is correct! After you have sent the application you will receive an email message where you get instruction on how to finalise your application and upload the required attachments. At this stage you will be asked to make a preliminary course selection for your primary choice of university. This is only a preliminary selection and it can be modified after your choice of exchange university has been confirmed by the QTEM headquarters. The required attachment are:

- A motivation letter stating why you are interested in pursuing QTEM studies (maximum 1 page)

- A CV photo (max. 500x500 pixel)