Message from the director

Hanken Centre for Accounting, Finance and Governance


The Hanken AFG Centre wants to provide a forum for robust and theoretically substantiated research that aims to solve practical accounting, finance and commercial law related problems in organisations and the larger society. Our work is meant to be relevant for practice, policymakers and scholars alike!

Thus, we invite and encourage all scholars in the fields of accounting, finance, governance and commercial law - but also from economics, management and organization studies - to contribute to our mission by collaborating with the Hanken Centre for Accounting, Finance, Governance and Commercial Law for publications and research grants applications. Please contact us for further information.

Especially in times of the virus pandemic and the downswing of the economy, and with the ongoing necessity to tackle climate change; Impact Investing, with investors funding projects and entrepreneurs - with the aim to create societal value now and financial returns only later - will be more important than ever.

At the Hanken AFG Center, we use all our resources to contribute and find data-driven solutions to mitigate the economic downturn and work towards a more resilient and stable sustainable economy.

Please feel free to contact us and let us know how we can help your business. 

Picture of Prof. Dr. Othmar M Lehner, Director

Prof. Dr. Othmar M Lehner, Director