The Library's Fields of Action

The library is available to anyone who needs information in economics, business and management.

Our library is a hybrid of printed books and electronic resources; our study environment both dynamic and WiFi equipped. We are part of the national scientific library network and our printed products and electronic theses can be found in the joint catalogue Melinda Opens in new window . Our own database, Hanna Opens in new window , contains all our books, both printed and electronic, and also a complete register of all our electronic resources. The institutional archive Dhanken Opens in new window contains all theses published online and some parallel published articles.

Our job is to help

  • Hanken’s students to graduate
  • Hanken’s teachers to educate
  • Hanken’s researchers to publish
  • Hanken’s research to be widely disseminated

Our library was founded in order to furnish required course literature and the books needed for Hanken’s research. Today, training in information retrieval has become increasingly important, as some of our collections have been supplemented and gradually replaced by electronic resources (Content). In order to access our electronic resources we need reliable Information Technology, and to help you make efficient use of our resources we offer training and guidance. (Pedagogy). The library builds upon these three factors.



The library's fields of action can be described as content, information technolofy and pedagogy


Our Service Concept

Our service concept is a mix of self-service and Boutique Library. We have also went from a Just-in-case to a Just-in-time way of thinking; from being a base for accumulating information we moved on to being a base for providing our customers immediate and efficient access to the information they need, regardless of format. 

The Library Help Zone stems from the concept of extending our role to support and guidance. We want to consider the individual needs of our users and to help students learn the necessary information literacy in order to access and evaluate the information they need. The Help Zone/service area also offers a venue for training small groups. The room can be used by students when it isn’t booked for training purposes.

From Acquisition to Delivery

Our printed and electronic resources are presented through a collection of information systems. These, together with our Website, are our information retrieval environment, where we set out to provide what you need.

Our interlibrary service, with document delivery, provides students and staff with unlimited sources of information. We are now developing our collection in a new direction – user-centred acquisition – where we place electronic books at the disposal of our users and acquire them permanently only when someone has shown an interest in the books.

The Library’s Area of Expertise as a Resource for Hanken

Our competence in handling metadata, content description and bibliometrics are put to use in other administrative systems and processes at the School. The electronic library demands that we view information technology and copyright as a natural part of our work.

We seek to maintain a close co-operation with the faculties and departments at Hanken, as well as with our external stakeholders.