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Hankens flaggor vajar i vinden mot en blå himmel med lite moln.
Opening hours of Hanken and different service units in Helsinki and Vaasa during summer 2024.
Hankenstudenter på sommargård
Universities will develop joint approaches to strengthen the quality and impact of researcher training. The aim of these recommendations is to increase the appeal of researcher training and the number of flexible pathways to training, strengthen its relevance to working life and employment opportunities, and speed up graduation.
Sinh Thoi Mai disputerar
Uncertainty about monetary policy adversely affects firm operations such as reducing investment. But firms can reduce the adverse impact by proactively becoming more transparent, improving information environment, and applying risk management techniques.
Bild av ett människorhuvud, datakod reflekteras mot huvudet.
AI has been a hype since important advances were made in machine-learning, huge data sets became available, and speed of computing power steeped up. In a blog post, Professor Frank den Hond explores the question: What do humans lose when we let AI decide.