Calls for applications and grant awards

Calls for grant applications are published on these web pages. Grant decisions are also announced below and all applicants receive information about the outcome to the email-address stated in the application.

Applications for inviting teachers and researchers to Hanken can be made throughout the year without having to follow any specified deadlines. The application should be submitted at least one month before the intended visit. Provided the application is complete, a decision can usually be expected within one month. Retroactive applications are not funded. Applications must be made in English.

The applications for funding within these programs should specifically state the following: name and position of visitor/ lecturer, name of the host, the visitor's/lecturer's academic and other merits (CV), a detailed program for the visit, including courses taught (also number of teaching hours) and/or research projects the visitor participates in during the visit at the university. A detailed estimate of costs (travel and accommodation costs, fees and hourly compensation plus other possible costs) must be attached. Please see additional information on applying in the document.

Applications are submitted through the Foundation's online application system (please see link below), you choose "Invitation of Faculty" as the application purpose. The applications are assessed by the Grants Committee, and the decisions are made by the Rector and the Ombudsman for the Hanken Support Foundation.

If you have questions about applications for inviting a guest, please contact the Scholarship Liaison Officer ( who acts as secretary for the Grants Committee.

In order to improve the quality and number of research funding applications, and support research collaboration across subjects, Hanken has introduced a seed funding scheme. The seed funding is for applications to be submitted to funding bodies eligible for government funding within the Finnish university funding model.

When applying for seed funding the following requirements must be fulfilled:

  • An application submitted by members of  faculty holding a working contract of at least 50 % on career levels 2-4 at Hanken.
  • The application must contain a budget and plans for what the seed funding will be used for.
  • The research project contains a cross-subject component (min. 2 subjects at Hanken. All instances involved should be informed of the proposed application beforehand) and a minimum of one tenured faculty member.
  • The planned research project must have a budget comprising of a min. budget of 250 000 EUR external funding to Hanken.

What can the seed funding be used for?

The seed funding can be used for costs that promote high quality research funding applications.

The seed funding cannot be used to pay salaries to the applicant themselves or to other faculty members. Postdoctoral researchers or doctoral researchers can be hired as grant writers.

Costs paid with the seed funding must cover VAT (salaries have no VAT, but services and goods do).

The application

The application must contain the following information:

  • Specific call (call number, type, deadline)
  • Consortium & Hanken's role in it
  • Subjects and people involved (min. 1 tenured faculty, please name the PI from Hanken)
  • Abstract/brief project description (incl. project budget, note minimum threshold to Hanken)

The seed funding application must contain a budget and plans for what the seed funding is used for, e.g.

  • Attendance of matching events / grant writing workshops
  • Salaries for e.g. 1-2 post docs for 1-2 months who focus on application writing
  • If Hanken is the consortium leader: language check fees, admin salaries to get support letters, etc.

Applications are submitted through the Foundation’s online application system, you choose "Seed funding" as the application purpose. NB! The application form will be published shortly. The applications are assessed by the Grant Committee, and the decisions are made by the Rector.


When reporting the use of seed money granted the following information must be submitted.

  • Proof of submitting the actual project application incl. final application documents
  • A short description of how the seed funding was used.
  • Later: information of the decision by the targeted funding organisation

The reports are to be sent to the Scholarship Liaison Officer,, in Word or pdf format.

If the seed funding does not lead to an application of research funding, the Dean of Research must immediately be notified. If the money is not spent according to the Hanken rules or regulations, or for other purposes, Hanken can require all or a part of the seed money to be returned to Hanken. This decision is made by the Dean of Research together with the CFO. In exceptional cases, if there are good reasons for not submitting the application even if the money is spent, the Dean of Research can approve the reporting.

Grant decisions are sent via email to all applicants. Please contact the Scholarship Liaison Officer ( if you have not received an email. (Remember to also check your trash mail!)

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