Registration with authorities

All students new to Finland, must register with some authorities.


Citizens of another EU/EEA country or Switzerland must (in this order if possible):

  1. Register their right of residence of an citizen of the European Union (EU registration) at the Finnish Immigration Services once in Finland. A first introduction to the registration process if found on the Finnish Immigration Services' Youtube channel.

    NOTE! This does not apply to citizens of the Nordic countries!

  2. Register as a foreign student and obtain a permanent adress and muncipality of residence in Finland at the Digital and Population Data Services Agency (DVV).

    • More info below in the section concering all students new to Finland

Follow these steps:

  • Book an appointment Opens in new window  to visit the Finnish Immigration Services in person to identify yourself already when you are still in your home country.
    • Note! There is often a a shortage of available appointments so book a time as soon as possible during the Spring/summer so that you can obtain an appointment time before/when the studies start. 
  • Submit your application Opens in new window  och required attachments at the earliers 3 months before your scheduled appointment at the Finnish Immigration Services sicne the appointment must be within 3 months of having sumbitted the application. 
  • Visit the Finnish Immigration Services to identify yourself
    • if you have registered your right to residence in Finland first, you do not physically have to visit DVV for the registration as a foreign student (info below) but can handle it electronically. You will recieve a confirmation e-mail once your application has been processed. 

NOTE! If you cannot obtain an appointment for the start of the studies, it is recommended that you first register a temporary address at DVV in order to have the right to the same prices in the public transport  (HSL) as an regular citizen of the capital region. Complete the following steps if this is your situation:  

  • Choose application form option C on DVV:s home pages. 
  • book an appointment to visit DVV to identify yourself.
  • Note that you also need to complete the registration of your right of residence of a citizen of the European Union in oder to be entitled to student discount on public transport.



Registration at the Digital and Population Data Services Agency

Since your studies in Finland last more than a year, you must register as a foreign student and apply for a municipality of residence at the Digital and Poulations Data Services Agency (DVV)

By registering at the DVV you receive

  • a Finnish Personal Identity Code (if you have not already recieved it from the Finnish Immigration Services)
  • You need the Finnish Personal Identity code because
    • by law, it must be entered in the studyregister for alll students in Finland
      • NOTE! if you Personal Identity Code is not registered in the study register Sisu and nationally in the Studyinfo application portal, the data transfers concering your study rights for e.g. student discount on public transfer, the digital student card Frank and your study right will not be visible in MyStudyinfo nationally.
    • to identity yourself when opening a bank account, to get a Finnish phone subscription, gain a home insurance etc.
  • a permanent address and municipality of residence in FInland which entitle you to student discount on the public transport.


Complete the following steps to register at the Data and Population Data Services Agency

  1. Submit your registration request online
    • There is different e-forms depending on if you have a Finnish Personal Identity Code already or not.
      • Citizens of a country located outside the EU/EEA:  choose form alternative A if you have a Finnish Personal Identity Code on your residence permit (you applied for the code simoultanously with your residence permit application), otherwise choose form alternative C.
      • Citizens of a EU/EEA country. choose form alternative A if you have already visit the Finnish Immigration Services and completed your EU registration and form alternative C if you still have not visited the Immigration Services.
      • Citizens of a Nordic country: Choose form alternative C. 
  2. Visit DVV in person to identify yourself 
    • Follow the instructions in the confirmation e-mail you received upon submitting the form.
    • You can book an appointment at DVV Opens in new window  already when you are still in your home country. If possible, If possible, Hanken will try to arrange that DVV visit Hanken in the end of August/beginning of September to ease the registration of all new students. In this case, you can cancel your personal appointment.
    • You need the following documents to complete the registration:
      • Passport or official EU ID card with photo
      • Your residence permit if you are a citizen of a country located outside the EU/EEA.
      • A certificate of student status issued by Hanken.
    • Note! If you are an EU citizen and you have already completed your EU registration (info above) less than 12 months ago, you do not need to visit DVV in person. Instead you receive additional instructions from DVV to the e-mail you listed when submitting the application form once your muncipality of residence has been registered. 

Once you have obtained your Finnish Personal Identity Code, remember to give the code to the Student Service in Helsinki or the Office of Study Affairs in Vaasa as well as e-mail the code to  so that the code is registered both in the study register Sisu at Hanken and in the national application portal Studyinfo so that alla data transfers works correctly concering your study right.