Jobs: Vacancies and career portals

Vacancies and advice

Once you’ve decided on what it is you wish to work with, you’ve already made it far in your career plan. Next, it’s time to make sure you find a vacancy that matches your career goals, write a winning job application, make a good impression on the job interview, and sign a contract for the new job.

Fortunately, you are not alone in this process. Here you will find practical tips for your job search and find information about different career portals where you can find vacancies, tips for your CV and application, as well as webinars on for example how to ask for a better salary. 

To apply for a job is to market yourself - to introduce one’s knowledge and personality to employers. Only you are able to give the employer a correct picture of yourself and that is why it is important to find focus in your job hunting process.

In addition to organizing Career Seminars, networking events and CV Check-ins, we provide you job hunting tips, which you can read on these pages.

  1. How to find Job Openings
  2. How to write a successful Job Application and CV
  3. How to Shine at an Interview
  4. Aptitude tests and analysis
  5. Employment contracts and Salary negotiations

In November 2020, Hanken, together with eight other universities in Finland, started using the career portal JobTeaser as its main job board. This means that the old Job Board will slowly be taken away. You can see the old portal as long as there are still active job ads there.

In the beginning, the new JobTeaser portal will have more international job posts from JobTeasers international partners, but the Finnish companies will slowly start moving into JobTeaser and then you can find more job openings in Finland. 
On the portal you will also find events from Hanken, Hanken's partner companies as well as JobTeaser's international partners. 

Before you log into the portal for the first time, please read the instructions below:

  1. Log in to the portal with your Hanken login details, that will be behind the safe Haka login. If you are an alumnus or will graduate soon, please see instructions via this link:…;
  2. In order to be able to see the job ads, you need to choose the course called Student & Alumni. This is very important, as you will oterhwise not see any job ads for Finnish companies!
  3. Please also choose the other course, that is, your major subject. This will not affect which job ads you see, but can help us target other content for you.
  4. You can upload your CV in your profile which will make it quick and easy to apply for jobs through the poratl. Alternatively, you can upload your CV when you apply for a job. 
  5. On the next page, you will be able to mark which sort of jobs you are interested in. These choices will affect the job ads you see. However, you can change these choices anytime and you can always also choose to see all ads. 

You can access the portal here. 

Hanken's data protection policy

On this website you can explore job opportunities in Finland especially targeted at English speaking talents

To the Jobs in Finland website

No new job ads will be posted here as of 25 November 2020. You can see this Job Board as long as there are still active job ads available. We will start using the above mentioned JobTeaser portal as of November 2020.

To the Job Board page

EFMD is an international, not-for-profit, membership organisation of business schools and corporations.

Since Hanken is a member school of EFMD, you have access to a personal portal to find internships, apprenticeships and trainee and graduate positions that are relevant to you from companies around the world. Usually there are around 1000 internship posts in the portal so you have a lot to choose from.

The Highered career portal is launched as an addition to Hankens own job board. The Highered portal has a stronger international focus and is targeted towards international students looking for placements back home and local students that want to have an international experience.

The first step

As a part of your journey towards employment, Highered would like to give you a head start and discover the potential in you. That is why you will find an online assessment test center in the portal under My Tests, where you can take 4 different tests. You will get access to a professional report when you are finished with all the tests. The themes of the tests are:

  • Work-related Behaviour (management)
  • Numerical Reasoning (consumer)
  • Verbal Reasoning (consumer)
  • Vocational Interests and Motivation

The worst that could happen you might wonder? Perhaps you will get to know yourself a little better? 

You can log into the portal here.


Hanken is a member in the Business Graduates Association (BGA) Network.

One of the member benefits is that all of our student have access to the exclusive BGA career platform where you can find i.e. interesting webinars, build your CV and take part in interesting learning events online. 

The CDC is packed with features that will help you land your next business role:

  • CV builder
  • Job listings
  • Employer database access
  • Expert career advice, video and audio training, tutorials and news relating to fields of interest
  • Career assessments and aptitude tests
  • Professional skills e-learning – for example the development of soft skils
  • Careers newsroom
  • Industry reports
  • Cover Letter builder
  • Interview simulator

You can register to the portal with your Hanken email HERE. 



There are many advantages to writing a thesis for a company:

  • You can grow your network in the corporate world while gaining work experience and completing your studies at the same time
  • You are compensated for your thesis. The company should at the least cover the basic costs related to doing the thesis
  • You get to solve real-world problems in an organization while developing solutions to products or services 
  • You have access to different sources of advice in case you develop “thesis anxiety”
  • You get the opportunity to market your knowledge and skills outside the academic world

Information about possible thesis topics can be found online, through your institution and on Hanken’s Job board. However, the most effective way to get a glimpse of potential topics and opportunities is to reach out to employers. 

Whether you found a thesis announcement on the internet or spoke directly with a company, we recommend that you proceed in the following way:

  • Prepare yourself well, so that you can deliver a convincing image of your skills and knowledge
  • Thesis-writing for a company is a job, so act as professional as you would when looking for one
  • Research the company. This way you can propose different topics for your thesis and give the company a positive and engaging impression of you
  • Describe why you are interested in writing your thesis specifically for the company in question and what added value you can give. Be open and flexible with potential changes
  • Mention if and how you wish to get compensated for your work and find out how your institution manages compensation beforehand. More about this in the section below. 
  • Do not promise the employer anything before you have consulted with your thesis supervisor whether your topic and the area of research can be approved for your thesis
  • Prepare well even when contacting your institution. Remember the prearranged timetable and perform as good as you can in the thesis. A successful experience with thesis writing might lead to a permanent position at the company at a later stage.


The thesis writer can get compensation in the form of wage, a one-of payment or as compensation for costs. Here are some advice and principles that Career Services recommends you and your employer to follow. 

Employment and one-off payment

  • Career Services recommends that the student writes an employment contract with the company for which he or she is writing the thesis for. 
  • This would mean, inter alia, that the taxation would be the same as for a normal employment
  • It is also common to do so-called one-off remunerations

Remuneration for costs

  • The thesis writer proposes a cost estimate which is accepted by the employer
  • The thesis writer is compensated for material costs including costs of travel if necessary for the thesis
  • The employer might offer the possibility to use their office equipment
  • The thesis writer provides receipts in conjunction with the invoicing of costs

Master’s thesis remuneration

The Finnish Business School Graduates recommends that students employed for thesis writing should receive at least 2400 Euro per month (2020). When remuneration for a commissioned Master’s thesis is not paid as a monthly salary, the recommendation is 7000 euros. In addition, if the thesis involves a large or fairly large study project, which in itself benefits the contractor, the additional work conducted for the study part should be taken into account in the lump sum remuneration.

Keep an eye on the salary advice on The Finnish Business Graduate’s website.