Certificate-based admission

To the Bachelor programme in English 40 % of the study places are filled through certificate-based admission.

If you have completed or are completing one of the following in the spring of applying, you can apply directly based on your certificates without an aptitude test:

Only applicants that are first-time applicants can apply through certificate-based admission. Applicants that already have accepted a study place at a higher education institution in Finland can apply with an SAT/ACT test result. 

This programme follows the same certificate based admission model as the Swedish taught Bachelor programme at Hanken. To be considered in the certificate-based admission you must have a passing grade in mathematics. In addition you must meet the language requirements in English

Note! if you are missing a grade in mathematics or do not meet the English language requirements you can be considered for admission with an ACT or SAT test result. 

More information about certificates

A Finnish matriculation examination can be completed only in Finland, you can find more information about this certificate here .

An International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma is a awarded by the IBO, you can find more information about the IB diploma here. Many countries have awards/certificates that have a similar name "baccalauréat" however only the diplomas awarded by IBO organisation can be considered in the certificate-based admission to this programme.

If you are completing an IB diploma or EB diploma in spring 2024, attach a predicted grades report to the online application form by 3 Apr 2024 at 3 pm / 15.00 (UTC+3). The official final grades must be delivered by 11 July 2024 at 3 pm / 15.00 (UTC+3).