Tools and Systems provided for Hanken staff and students

Studies, research and normal work require a number of different programs for administration, communication, as well as for presenting information.

Software for students

You find the necessary software for your studies on the student computers in the computer rooms. A list of available software you see under "Software in computer rooms".

Hanken also provides the possibility for you to install

  • the antivirus software F-secure, and
  • the statistics software (SPSS and OxMetrix) as well as Mathematica on your own computer

You find the instructions under the software name in the menu to the left. To install the software you need to sign a licence agreement. The licens is valid only as long as you study at Hanken.

Software for staff and faculty

A list of software provided for staff computers is available under "Software for staff computers".


Software for Students & Staff

As student, staff or associate, you have access to Hanken's email, and printing, copying and scanning at Hanken's printers.

  • the student's email is in Office 365 (all adresses with
  • the staff's and doctoral students' email (all adresses with is in Turku.

Software in the computer rooms and the auditoriums

  • Hanken provides software to the computers in the computer rooms and teacher's computers in the auditoriums.
  • The lists varies from year to year due to updates often occuring during the semesters
  • For teachers: Please submit a request before the school year starts to the computer center for a program you'll need in a particular computer room.

Software on Staff Computers

  • Software that is automatically installed on the staff computers
  • The staff kan also install most of the programs the students have access to through Software Center.

Software for Students

Instructions for Moodle

  • Helps teachers and students get started with the course material, and has information about the courses

Plagiarism Control

  • is used in many courses for checking various writings and all theses at Hanken