30.11.2017: Seminar with Robbin Derry

Thursday, 30th November from 13:00-14:30 in Auditorium room on 0 floor (Arkadia Building)

What does Intersectional Thinking contribute to Organizational Ethics?



Intersectional analysis challenges researchers to think beyond single axis perspectives such as male – female, immigrant – native, or gay – straight, in order to examine experience at the intersections of multiple axes. In this presentation Robbin Derry discusses how intersectional thinking enables us to focus organizational ethics on the distribution of power and a broader conception of justice.
You can find below the slides of her presentation:



About Robbin Derry:

Robbin is the Associate Professor of Strategy and Ethics, Faculty of Management at University of Lethbridge (Calgary Alberta, Canada). Robbin’s research areas and expertise include (but not limited to)- Corporate Social Responsibility, Strategic Philanthropy, Corporate Stakeholders, Tobacco Industry History, Social Movements, Social Capital, Feminist Ethical Theory.

She can be reached at Robbin.derry@uleth.ca Opens in new window .