Doctoral Studies

Structure, research and research ethics

Stucture of studies, composite thesis

Hanken's PhD programme is fulltime studies. On the link below you can see the recommended study path for a Compositet Thesis. 

PhD courses

At the start of your studies you should contact your degree supervisor in order to discuss which courses to take. The courses need to be approved by your degree supervisor before you take them. You can browse through the courses which are currently available at Hanken in Sisu. You can sign up for the courses available at Hanken through Sisu. 

Apart from the courses organised by Hanken, there are a wide range of courses offered by external networks. The JOO-agreement between the universities in Finland also makes it possible to apply for the right to take courses at another university.

Courses completed at other universities needs to be approved by your degree supervisor. Please find more information on how to get your courses approved by reading the information on transferring credits here Opens in new window .

Research Ethics, Research Integrity and IPR

Hanken School of Economics has committed to follow the guidelines of the Finnish Advisory Board on Research Integrity, Responsible conduct of research and procedures for handling allegations of misconduct in Finland (RCR guidelines). All researchers, teachers, students and staff at the School are to respect and follow these guidelines, as well as good scientific practice and valid legislation. For more information please go to the web pages for Research Ethics and Open Science.

For more information plese check here