Cash and/or carry: The challenges and modalities of delivering aid in conflict zones

The Cash and/or Carry project has the aim to develop and expedite a safer and more efficient delivery of cash or in-kind aid for humanitarian organizations operating in the field during the complex emergencies.

Date: September 2019 – August 2023

Aim of the project: The project focuses on the delivery of humanitarian aid in conflict zones and complex emergencies. The overall aim of the project is to develop a conceptual framework for selecting effective delivery modalities for humanitarian aid in conflict zones.

Funded by: Academy of Finland (nr 3037)

Countries of the project: Ukraine, Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan

Projects members at Hanken: Wojciech Piotrowicz (PI), Gyöngyi Kovács, Amin Maghsoudi, Aino Ruggiero, Jana Abikóva, Elvira Kaneberg, Mimmi Pöysti.