Exchange studies

General information about Exchange Studies

Exchange programme

In today's world, it is increasingly important to have an education that has international as well as domestic currency. You can add to the value of your education by completing a part of your degree as an exchange student abroad. Hanken cooperates with close to a hundred partner universities and business schools around the world. Each year a large number of Hanken students spend a semester abroad as exchange students, which gives them uniquely composed degrees and increased fluency in foreign languages as well as cross-cultural understanding. The exchange of students is based on reciprocal bilateral agreements with the partner universities and, in similar way Hanken attracts students from the partner universities and Hanken is welcoming exchange students from many countries and partner universities each year.

Becoming an exchange student

A student wishing to study abroad within an exchange programme is applying for a study place through the home university, which selects the student and nominate him/her for a period of studies at a partner institution. The selection process and the prerequisites for being nominated are set up by the home university, also taking into consideration the expectations and prerequisites of the host university. The host university keeps the right to admit or reject a nominated student. Hanken students should address their questions to the international coordinator at Hanken. Students at Hanken's partner universities should contact the international coordinator at their home university.