Social Security for Grant Holders

Please find information below about social security for grant holders

According to Finnish law, a holder of a grant amounting to at least 1 259,53 euro (2016 level) and awarded in Finland for full-time research or doctoral studies in Finland for an uninterrupted period of at least four months must take out a statutory pension insurance, an occupational accident insurance and a group life insurance. The pension insurance accumulates the pension security in view of old age and disability for work. The insurance is - with some exceptions - mandatory for all full-time grants awarded from Finland. The cost for the insurance secure is estimated to approximately 15 percent of the grant amount.

The grant issuers are responsible for informing the insurance institution Mela about grants awarded that meet the criteria for the legislation. Mela is responsible for the pension and occupational accident insurance and group life insurance for grant holders.

As a grant holder, you must yourself be active in the process and apply for insurance coverage from the insurance institution Mela. For more information and application forms in English: --> English --> "More information about the insurance for people with grants"; phone: + 358 29 435 11, e-mail: