Orientation Days and tutoring

Studerande Hanken
New students are offered orientation days in the end of August annually before the actual studies start and tutoring by older students.


  • Bachelor's degree education in Swedish: 22-23.8 & 26.8.2024 (22.8.2024 online, 23.8 and 26.8 on-site at Hanken)
  • Bachelor's degree education in English: 27-29.8.2024 (on-site at Hanken all 3 days)
  • Master's degree education in Swedish: 27-29.8.2024 (27.8.2204 online, 28-29.8.2024 on-site at Hanken)
  • Master's degree education in English: 27-29.8.2024 (27.8.2024 online, 28-29.8.2024 on-site at Hanken), international students in Vaasa also have sessions on Monday 2.9.2024
  • PhD programme: 1.8.2024 (on-site at Hanken) & mid-August at another location and events throughout August

TARGET GROUP: For newly admitted degree students only

PROGRAMME: The programme for each student group will be published separately during the summer.

  • Note! The Orientation Days are not intended for students who have already completed their Bachelor's degree at Hanken.


Orientation Days

  • The Orientation Days are a mandatory part of your studies.
  • Social events are also organised during the evening so keep the whole days reserved so that you can attend.
  • You can only attend the orientation days for the new student group you belong to and at the campus you were offered admission to. If you were admitted to Vaasa you must attend the orientation days in Vaasa and vice versa. 
  • Students arriving from abroad: make travel arrangements which ensure that you arrive well in advance before the Orientation Days.

During the Orientation days you will

  • gain all the information needed to kick-start your studies, study practicalities and what is expected of you as a student at Hanken.
  • learn how to create your study plan and register for courses in the study tool Sisu.
  • learn which services and possibilities Hanken offers.
  • get to know the study environment.
  • get to network with both new and old students.



  • Hanken offers tutoring for all new Bachelor's and Master's degree students.
    • The tutors are older students who on a voluntary basis stand as tutors.
    • The tutors help the new students to kick-start their studies and organise social events where you get to know the other new students. 
  • Hanken does not offer pick-up service from the airport, harbour or train station for international students nor of apartment keys, but it is very easy to use the public transport in Finland.