Vaasa for Students

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Vaasa is, in proportion to Finland's population, the second largest student city in the country. Statistically, every fifth person in Vaasa is a student.

Welcome to Hanken and the study city of Vaasa!

The city's beautiful campus area has an interesting architecture and a beach park right next to the sea. Moving between the university building and your home is easy thanks to the city's relatively short distances. In Vaasa, there are also plenty of social activities with a wide range of both exercise and culture. For tips and experiences of our students, take a look further down this page, the city of Vaasa has also produced a whole page on the subject HERE.

Vaasa is often called the energy capital of Finland, but the workplaces do not only depend on a factory or a company - the business structure is quite versatile and workplaces are available in many industries. The Vasa region's unemployment rate is lowest on the mainland. Here, the chance of getting a permanent job is on average better than in the rest of the country. Get acquainted with the Vasa region's educations and career opportunities HERE.

Students' own tips:

“Vaasa, also known as Finland’s sunniest city is in contrast to its population one of the country’s biggest student cities, and offers a wide variety of study possibilities. Vaasa is a small city but has everything that a student may need. The large number of students and a great student community makes it easy to find new friends. Vaasa is a popular destination for international students and is a multicultural city with beautiful nature, and a wide variety of activities available. With short distances from place to place, walking is a custom in the city.

The Hanken building is located in the city center and is therefore close to almost everything. Universities in Vaasa work in close cooperation, which gives students opportunities to take courses at other universities nearby. Most course books and a study area can be found at Vaasa city library across the street. The Vasa region offers a wide selection of work opportunities after and during your studies.

In Vaasa there are plenty of active student associations with a selection of student events. Walking around town you can spot overalls in all colours of the rainbow. The student association at Hanken in Vaasa, SSHV, organizes many fun events, ranging from company evenings to parties, in their own living room – Cella Nova. Beside the small events is the highlight of the year for students in Vaasa, Pampasveckna, a week in March filled with events and a grand ending party.

One last tip: attend student events, become a student active and find the balance between studying and student life that suits you best. This is bound to be one of the greatest times of your life!”

– Ellen Kuula, student at Hanken in Vaasa


"If you want to get out of the city why not hop on a bus and go to visit the UNESCO world heritage site in the Kvarken archipelago. The nature is unique to the area and you can experience it through paddling, biking or hiking."
– Michaela, 4th year student

"An absolute must if you visit Vasa for the first time is going to the Replot bridge. Finlands longest bridge (1045m long), it was constructed in 1997 -- you might even call it “the Golden Gate of Vasa”."
– Hugo, 2nd year student

"In case you want to go for a hike, there are many beautiful nature trails around Vaasa. One where you definitely should go is "Öjens naturstig" just outside Vaasa. It's a perfect place to visit any time of the year and you really get the opportunity to turn off the noices from the city and only feel the nature. I warmly recommend to pack some grill-snacks with you since there is a camp fire spot on the trail where you can take a nice relaxing break."
– Kaisa, 3rd year student

“Now that you’ve moved to Vaasa make sure to embrace the city of sunshine and spend time outdoors as much as possible. I recommend visiting the beaches and the parks where you can exercise, hang out with friends or just lie in the grass and study. Take good care of the time that you have in Vaasa, walk around and explore the city.”
– Niklas, 2nd year student

”You may have heard the saying “det går inte som på Strömsö...” or in English “that didn’t go as in Strömsö…” which is a Finnish-Swedish TV programme for DIY. If you would like to know how it actually goes in Strömsö, you can visit it. The areas is around 7km away from the center of Vaasa. You can visit the place whenever, there is both a nature path and a beautiful beach.”
– Robin, 2nd year student

”If you want to do something fun outdoors in Vaasa you can gather a group of friends and enjoy the sea, sunsets and good company at the piers next to the sea. Or why not take a walk or run and enjoy the sea and the nature in that way. Finland’s sunniest city offers beautiful nature and a lovely ocean view”
– Camilla, 5th year student

”Adventure Zip Park is a must if you like adventure parks. One gets to enjoy the nice views while sliding from treetop to treetop. A challenging but fun day is guaranteed. The park suits all ages and sizes.”
– Hanna, 2nd year student

”The best thing about Vaasa is the big Alp mountain called Öjberge where one can do winter sports during the winter.”
– Mathias. 2nd year student


-    Visit Kvarken Archipelago
-    See the Replot Bridge (the longest bridge in Finland)
-    Rent a SUP board
-    Visit the ”Paradise island” Kaskinen
-    Use the sports facilities of Vaasa: football fields, swimming halls, etc.
-    Visit Svedjehamn fishing harbour and the observation tower Saltkaret
-    Walk the nature trail of Öjen
-    Explore the ruins of old Vaasa
-    Take a walk on the beach boulevard near Strampen
-    Book a day trip to Umeå (Sweden)
-    Visit the greenhouses in Närpes
-    See the Söderfjärden impact crater
-    Spend a Tuesday night at Ollis