Christina Dahlblom är ny Professor of Practice
Christina Dahlblom has been appointed Professor of Practice at Hanken’s Department of Management and Organisation as of 3 November 2020. Dahlblom wants to contribute to even tighter networks and dialogues between Hanken and the corporate world, in order to help Hanken continue developing cooperation, research and teaching that brings value to both Hanken, businesses and society.
Niclas Meyer och Björn Wahlroos undervisar i Principles of Wealth Management
Björn Wahlroos is one of the lead educators on the open online MOOC course Principles of Wealth Management that started 26.10.2020. Wahlroos has made a remarkable career in the field of banking, and he has served both as a professor and as chairman of the board at Hanken.
HERoS research project
Fresh results published by a research project led by Hanken School of Economics in Helsinki show that travel restrictions are one of the most effective methods to stop the spreading of Covid-19. Travel bans have however, also resulted in serious disruptions in the transportation of medical supplies.
After Class-podden med Jesper och Dennis
After Class with Jesper & Dennis is a brand new podcast by Jesper Haga and Dennis Sundvik who teaches finance and accounting. The remote teaching and the corona situation made both Jesper and Dennis think that there was room for a podcast.