Hanken Code of Conduct

Fair rules of play for all, to foster an even better and more responsible business culture – that is the essence of Hanken Code of Conduct. All employees, students, members of decision making bodies and partners are expected to follow this Code of Conduct.

According to the Code of Conduct, Hanken has zero tolerance for all forms of discrimination, abuse and harassment. It is everyone's responsibility to maintain healthy relationships both in their work and in their studies. All activities are to reflect the values of equality, openness and integrity.

Violations against the Code of Conduct is not tolerated and can lead to disciplinary or legal actions.

The Code of Conduct has been developed collaboratively with a number of parties including lawyers and the Hanken Consultation Committee. The document provides for issues such as conflicts of interest, social responsibility and sustainability, communications and research ethics.

Quotes from the Code of Conduct:
Hanken should be a safe workplace where

  • The School's staff and students should be able to work in conditions that are not harmful to their physical or mental health
  • The working environment is pleasant 
  • We take conscious efforts to prevent and handle conflicts.