Ostrobothnia Tourism Roadmap 2030

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The province of Ostrobothnia holds untapped tourism development that remains unexploited. The Ostrobothnia Tourism Roadmap 2030 project's vision is to transform Ostrobothnia into a vibrant tourist destination, leveraging its captivating archipelago and countryside to attract both domestic and foreign tourists. For this to be successful, there is a need to cooperate even more. Through the project, the aim is to foster cooperation, build networks, and establish a shared vision among the stakeholders within the province of Ostrobothnia.


The aim of the project is to prepare a roadmap for the development of tourism in the province of Ostrobothnia. This roadmap functions as a compass, guiding the province's tourism development towards a shared vision. It also helps decide how public funds should be allocated to support tourism projects.

A second crucial aim is to establish a platform for dialogue among tourism stakeholders.This forum brings together businesses, developers, and other relevant parties to engage in discussions related to tourism. Within this forum, participants can network, discuss current topics and drive forward the tourism development agenda of Ostrobothnia.



The Department of Marketing at Hanken School of Economics leads the project, overseeing the development of the roadmap and organizing various discussion forums. The project actively involves tourism companies, visitor organizations, and other relevant entities in the province through surveys, interviews, discussion forums and workshops as part of the project's initiatives.


Project information

  • The project takes place in the Ostrobothnia region, covering both the coastal municipalities from Luoto to Kristiinankaupunki and the inland municipalities of Pedersöre and Laihia. 
  • Duration of the project: 01.02.2023 -31.10.2024
  • Budget: €119,800. 
  • Funding: Ely Centre from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe invests in rural areas.

Project Reports

More information:

Annika Pollari, Project Manager
Hanken School of Economics
Tel. 050 564 3274

Peter Björk, PI
Hanken School of Economics



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