Lending Rules (Helsinki)

The library regulations


The Hanken library's primary focus groups are students, teachers and researchers, but customers from outside the school are equally welcome.

In order to borrow books, request a library card at the service desk or apply for it here  Opens in new window (bring photographic identification). The card is personal and the customer is responsible for the material that is borrowed with it. Please report missing cards immediately, as well as changes in personal information.

Apply for a library card.

Loan periods

  • Course books: 7 days
  • Other books: 28 days

Staff can keep 28-day books for 84 days, but they need to be returned if someone else makes a reservation. 

Theses, journals and reference books are not available for use outside the library.

Renewing your loans

Log in to Hanna, call the library, or visit the service desk.

Renewals are unavailable if:

  • the item has been reserved
  • the item has been renewed 10 times
  • the customer's fees and fines reach 10 euros
  • the customer's patron information has expired.

Returns and late items

When the library is closed, books can be returned in the box outside the library's main entrance. When the school is closed, books can be returned through the book return slot at Hanken's main entrance.

Items returned after the due date incur a fee:

  • Course books: 0,70 €/book/day
  • Other books: 0,50 €/book/day

An email notification is sent one day before the due date, but ultimately it is the responsibility of the borrower to return items on time. When items are late, two reminders will be followed by an invoice. Unpaid invoices are handled by Intrum Justitia on behalf of Hanken.

When fees or fines reach 10 euros, borrowing new items is blocked.


Unavailable items can be reserved for 1 euro by logging in to Hanna or contacting the service desk. You will be sent an email when the item is available. The reserved book will be kept on the pick-up shelf for four days. You will find the book arranged on the shelf by your lastname. If you do not want the reserved book to be placed on the pick-up shelf contact the through email: library@hanken.fi

You can only reserve a book if it is not available in the library.

Reservations for course books that remain unclaimed for four days incur an extra 1 euro fee. Customers should proactively cancel reservations that are no longer needed in order to avoid the fees.

When you've placed a reservation the loan period is shortened for the current patron to 7 days (course books) and 28 days (other books) from the day of borrowing.

Lost or damaged items

Borrowers are liable for replacing lost or damaged items. This can be done either by providing a new item (and paying 10 euros) or by paying the library at least 50 euros.

Making suggestions

Students and staff are welcome to submit requests. Contact library@hanken.fi

Customer registry and data protection

The library stores customer information in its database, and a description of the registry is available as required by law (523/1999). Customers have the right to view what is stored about them upon providing photographic identification. Data is not shared with third parties as per 523/1999.