Information Systems Science as a minor

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The subject Information Systems Science can be studied as a minor at Hanken. Within Information Systems Science, we offer courses that are intended to support studies and skills in the various major subjects at Hanken by providing the students business-oriented technical competence with modern tools.

No prior knowledge is required to take part in our courses. We also offer advanced courses for those interested in delving beyond the beginner courses – there is something for everyone, regardless of level and major.

The subject offers two popular courses in Excel (Basic and Advanced) as well as one in project management. The courses provide important knowledge that you can use in almost any job. Within the subject there is a study path in Business Intelligence, where three courses that build on each other provide skills in programming and analysis to support business operations. In this study path, you will learn to use the Python programming language from the basics and build programs and manage data in an advanced way.

The range of information processing courses at university level outside of Hanken is also wide (see for example The Finnish Institute of Technology Opens in new window ) and it is usually possible to count such courses towards your degree and minor at Hanken. 

Contact person:

Associate professor Mikael Laakso