The Research Council, Education Council and Academic Council

Akademiska råden
Hanken has a Research Council and an Education Council. Together they form the Academic Council.

Hanken has an academic council with two sections with independent tasks: the research council and the education council. The members are appointed by the University collegium. The councils' tasks are set in the rules for administration sections 10, 11 and 12.

The councils' agendas and minutes are available in Swedish through Dynasty's publishing portal (until 2021) or publishing portal (from 2022).

The Councils' meetings autumn 2022:

Research Council: Wednesdays 21.9, 2.11 and 14.12 at 13-15.

Education Council: Tuesdays 13.9, 1.11, and 13.12 at 10-12.

Academic Council:  Thursdays 15.9.2022 and 24.11.2022 at 10.

The deadline for issues to a meeting is in general on Friday 1½ weeks before the meeting takes place and the documents should be sent via Dynasty or via email to

The Research Council and the Education Council will also have digital meetings primarily for the approving of theses. The Research Council approves Doctoral theses continuously and the Educational Council Master's theses according to this timetable.