Course Registration

Information about course registration.

The registration for courses is done in the Sisu system. To register for courses in Sisu, you need to have a study plan. Read more about Sisu on the Sisu info pages and get acquainted with how to make a study plan in Sisu. Remember to register in time!

  • Registration for courses in the Autumn semester opens on 1st of August, for the Spring semester the registration opens 1st of December.
  • Course registration closes in general one week before the course begins.
    • Registration to courses with a limited number of seats closes one week ahead of the normal registration end date.
    • Exception: Registration for courses in period one (in autumn) closes the day before the teaching period begins.

You can only participate in courses at your own campus (Helsinki or Vaasa). You can see which campus the teaching is offered to in the name of the teaching as well as the completion method in Sisu. Teaching for both campuses have both campuses in the name.

It is very important to keep your official course registrations up to date in Sisu! Only by registering for a course you will be able to

  • access the course material in Moodle (Please, remember to register also in Moodle!!!)
  • receive important messages from the teacher
  • give feedback about the course and help to develop courses

It is also important that you cancel your course registration in Sisu if you decide not to participate in a course that you are registered for. Do not hinder your fellow students from taking courses by taking up places on courses you do not intend to take!