Quality System and Quality Handbook

The visualisation of Hanken's quality system is presented in the Hanken quality loop, as a Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) model that supports a continuous cycle of improvement.

Hanken Quality System, QAC 9.6.2022 (updates October 2022)

The connection between operations and the mission, the strategy, the quality policy and the action plans are reflected in the figure above. The quality system consists of all Hanken's activities, incentives, plans, policies, procedures, processes, resources and responsibilities that create an overall system to assure continuous improvement/development. The visualisation of Hanken's quality system has been revised in June 2021.

Quality management

Hanken's quality management consists of a documented distribution of responsibilities, practices and procedures, and the resources allocated to these. Quality management is about operationalising the objectives of the quality system, and is part of the day-to-day work. Every academic department and unit is responsible for documenting and maintaining quality management, with the management team in charge of the academic departments/units quality management processes.

The Management Team (ledningsgruppen) consists of the Rector, Deans, Head of Departments, Language Centre Director, Directors of the administrative offices; as managers responsible for implementing quality management within their areas, and the Planning Manager and Quality Manager (secretaries).

More information about the organisational structure of quality management can be found in Hanken's quality handbook.

Quality handbook and processes (IMS)

The Committee for AoL and Quality (Kommittén för AoL och kvalitet) revises Hanken's quality handbook twice a year. The purpose of the handbook is to serve as a general overview of Hanken's quality management and to serve as an entry point to further descriptions of functions and processes. 

Hanken's processes are documented in the Integrated Management System IMS. The quality handbook and the process maps constitute a visual whole, so in order to view and make the best use of the handbook, links and processes, one should use them in their digital form in IMS.

All staff members as well as students are recommended to log in on Hanken.fi in order to view and access all content you have permission to. In the navigation menu to the right you will find more information about how the School safeguards its quality assurance system.

More information about the process map in IMS will be published during 2023. 

For further information contact quality@hanken.fi.