''Responsible Organising''-A stakeholder Conference

The conference takes place on Monday, November 13th, 2017 at Hanken School of Economics, Helsinki from 9:00-14:30!



We wish to warmly welcome you to attend our collaborative conference "Responsible Organising", on November 13th, which is jointly organised by the CCR, GODESS and HUMLOG research institutes. 
As actors in a society increasingly rally around notions such as “sustainability” and “responsibility”, serious questions remain about how we should organise for social impact in different contexts. Through our event, we wish to create a space for actors who want to collaboratively explore how to mobilize and organise to achieve maximum social impact. The conference is free of charge and open to any interested stakeholder.
The contexts we particularly wish to explore: 
    • Organising civil society collaboration with and through research 
    • Organising scholarly activism and activist scholars 
    • Gender awareness in organisations 
    • Inclusion and exclusion in organisational practices
    • New approaches in organising humanitarian response
To keep the dialogue going and energy levels high, the conference will provide lunch, beverages, and snacks throughout the day. The lunch is arranged at Ravintola Metropol, 3 minutes of walking distance from Hanken.
If you have any questions, please contact responsible.organising@hanken.fi