Majors and Supervisors

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Review our broad range of majors and list of experienced supervisors at the cutting edge of their research fields!

Hanken offers doctoral education in the following majors:

Degree Supervision

Within each subject there are Degree Supervisors for doctoral studies who will inform doctoral researchers how the studies are set up and organised.

The newly admitted doctoral researchers are to contact their Degree Supervisors in order to discuss their studies. The Degree Supervisor will help researchers to find the courses that should be included in their degree. The Degree Supervisor will also update doctoral reseachers study plans annually, and he/she will propose a Thesis Supervisor once the thesis theme has been established. Researchers who are going to take a course at another university or within a graduate school should consult their Degree Supervisor in order to make sure that the course can be included in the degree. He/she has to approve of the course before it is registered. When the time comes, the Degree Supervisor will administer the researcher's public dissertation defense and often acts as the Custos (chairman) of the defense.

Degree Supervisors in Accounting:

Helsinki and Vaasa:
Professor Kim Ittonen

Degree Supervisors in Commercial Law:

Professor Matti Kukkonen
Professor Nari Lee

Professor Petri Mäntysaari

Degree Supervisors in Economics:

Professor Topi Miettinen
Professor Ari Hyytinen
Professor Rune Stenbacka

Degree Supervisors in Entrepreneurship, Management and Organisation:

Professor Joakim Wincent

Degree Supervisors in Finance:

Professor Anders Löflund
Professor Gonul Colak

Professor Kenneth Högholm

Degree Supervisors in Management and Organisation:


Professor Mats Ehrnrooth
Professor Frank den Hond
Professor Denise Salin
Professor Janne Tienari

Degree Supervisors in Marketing:

Professor Jaakko Aspara
Professor Maria Holmlund-Rytkönen
Professor Kristina Heinonen
Professor Johanna Gummerus
Professor Mika Gabrielsson

Professor Peter Björk

Degree Supervisors in Supply Chain Management and Social Responsibility:

Professor Gyöngyi Kovacs

Thesis Supervisor

At the point when your thesis project is starting to take shape a thesis supervisor or a thesis supervisory committee is to be appointed for you by the department council. The department council makes the decision based on a proposition from your degree supervisor. Therefore, it is important to start thinking about and discussing possible thesis supervisors with your degree supervisor well in advance.

The person(s) who is appointed to be your thesis supervisor does not need to be a professor at Hanken. The sole requirement is that he/she is an expert in your field and that he/she is willing to accept the task. The thesis supervisor is the one who will guide you through the thesis process. Consequently, it is very important the he/she has a genuine interest in your topic.

Your supervisors are appointed by the department. In case you at any point during your doctoral studies would need to change your degree supervisor or thesis supervisor, please contact the PhD Coordinator, Erica Åkermarck Salmén, doctoral.studies(at)