Are you an international degree student at Hanken? – enhance your integration into Finland with the Hanken International Talent – module!

The Hanken International Talent - module offers tools to support your active integration into the society and working life in Finland.

The Hanken International Talent - module is a study entity that aims to support your integration into the working life and society in Finland. Hanken wants to help you network in Finland and support you in making meaningful connections to potential employers during your studies. Through offering support to students integrating into Finland, Hanken's goal is that everyone who wishes to stay in Finland and work after graduating, can do so. 

The HIT-module consists of courses and other activities, offered by either Hanken or Hanken's Student Union. These courses and activities equip international students with tools that are helpful when integrating into Finland. 

Who can complete the Hanken International Talent -module?

  • Master's students with other citizenship than Finnish or a double citizenship
  • Students doing an integrated bachelor- and master's program with other citizenship than Finnish or a double citizenship
  • Other degree students that feel they would benefit from the module - i.e. Finnish citizens that have lived most of their lives abroad

How do I partake in the module?

All Hanken students create an individual study plan in SISU. If you wish to complete the module, you can choose to include courses in your degree that simultaneously will be a part of your module. Contents of the module other than courses cannot be signed up for in SISU and how you register for these varies. More information is provided down below on which activities that you can include in your module and how you incorporate them. 

You can freely choose which of the courses/activities you want to include in your own module, but you need to complete at least 3 courses/activities that combined give 15 study credits. You are more than welcome to discuss the content of your module with the Hanken International Talent Manager Henna Konsti (

When applying for your examination certification, you will tick a box stating you want a separate HIT-module diploma. You will then receive an e-form in which you state the courses/activities that you have completed for your module, this will be checked by the module coordinator to ensure it is correct. The diploma you receive is a certificate of your participation and can be used as a future reference. 


Do you have questions or do you want to discuss your module? - contact the Hanken International Talent Manager Henna Konsti at


What can be included in my Hanken International Talent module?

You can choose to include the following courses and activities in your module. Please note that for a passed module you will need to complete at least 3 courses/activities, which combined give at least 15 study credits. Please also note that not all activities included in the module give study credits.

Any courses in one (or both) of the local languages can be included in the module.

Hanken offers a variety of language courses in Swedish and Finnish on different levels. If you have never studied Swedish/Finnish before, you are welcome to join the beginners' courses, which are offered for Hanken's international master’s degree students and exchange students. You can also include language courses in Swedish and/or Finnish from other Higher Education institutions which are transferred to your degree at Hanken.

The following courses offered by Hanken can be included in the module as they give you tools to understand Finnish business culture and working life:

Working life skills for experts and team leaders 5169-E (2 ETCS)

The Finnish Business School Graduates association (Suomen Ekonomit) offers this course to Hanken.

Special Advisor Ted Apter, Suomen Ekonomit: ”During this course you gain beneficial skills, which you can make good use of already in the beginning of your career. You learn the tricks of successful salary negotiations, employment contracts and recruiting. You gain information of the Finnish labour market model, unemployment system and lay-offs. You also receive key information on how to distinguish yourself and succeed in job search.”

More information about the course is given on the web page of Suomen Ekonomit, The Finnish Business School Graduates association. The course will be counted in your degree as studies in English language.

Nordic Organisations in Contemporary Business World 22036 (6 ETCS)

Assistant professor Linda Tallberg: "In this course, students learn about Nordic business culture, organizations and society including issues related to Nordic values; leadership and negotiation styles; as well as historical, political and socio-economic aspects of Nordic organizations. The goal is to critically examine the Nordic business and organizational environment, both from a theoretical perspective as well as from practitioners working in the region." 

Introduction to Nordic Business cultures 22018 (3 ETCS)

Introduction to Nordic Business cultures 22108 is a short intensive version of Nordic Organisations in Contemporary Business World 22036. The course is offered in the summer for more flexibility.

Please note that the courses are on the bachelor's level and can be included in your master’s degree as a part of your free elective courses.

Advanced internship on master's level

You can include a 5 or 10 ETCS internship to your module which will also be a part of your master’s degree. The advanced internship on MSc level requires 8 weeks of work to attain 5 credits and 16 weeks of work for 10 credits.

An internship at MSc level is always implemented within your major and can be done either in Finland or abroad. On MSc level you can perform the 5 or 10 credits also by combining shorter periods of internships and in different companies.

You can read more about internships here.


Grant for the internship

Hanken offers you the opportunity to apply for a grant for your internship period. You can apply for a grant in the Mobility Online portal twice a year. Keep in mind that the requirements to receive credits and a grant differ, i.e., the internship must be in one take and at one company if you wish to receive a grant and the internship needs to take place within May-August.

You can read more about the requirements here.

Thesis work in collaboration with a local organization

If you write your master’s thesis for a Finnish company or organization, it can be included in the module. 

Hanken offers a variety of activities that are designed to support you in building your career, these can be included in your module:

Participation in the mentorship programme

Mentorship is a tool for both personal and professional development. Mentoring means that experienced people are acting as a mentor and a sounding board for those who still have less experience of working life. By participating in the mentoring program, you get a chance to grow your network and get new, interesting contacts.

Read more about the mentorship programme here.

Participation in career events 

Hanken's Career Services offers a wide variety of career events for all Hanken students. The events vary from CV/LinkedIn check-ins to working breakfasts and career fairs, like the annual Hanken Network Day. As a Hanken Master´s student you get Career services newsletter notifying you about the upcoming events.

You can read more about the events here.

Participation in entrepreneurship related events

Hanken Business Lab is a platform that supports entrepreneurial minded students and start-ups, participation in the lab’s events can be included in your module.

Markus Wartiovaara, Director of Hanken Business Lab: ”For those entrepreneurially minded and wishing to work in entrepreneurial companies, Hanken Business Lab provides a unique platform to integrate into the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Finland and internationally. In order to learn more visit our Lab's web site"

Vaasa International Talents –programme

For international students studying towards a master’s degree at Hanken in Vaasa, the Vaasa International Talents – programme offers various possibilities to competence development and connections to working life in the Vaasa region. If you are studying at Hanken in Vaasa you can include these activities in your module.

Read more about it here

Voluntary Work

You can include 134 hours (5 ECTS) of Voluntary work to your bachelor's or master's studies at Hanken which can be a part of your module. Read more about the voluntary work courses here.

  • Voluntary Work (for MSc students, 5 ETCS)
  • Voluntary Work and Societal Engagement (for BSc Students, 5 ECTS)

Erkko professor Gyöngyi Kovács: “Hanken students are strongly encouraged to apply their knowledge from their studies to voluntary work, and conduct professional tasks in society that relate to their major, and business studies. All such work to help people in society can be considered for the course Voluntary Work, so students learn how volunteering benefits societies and companies from both the practical and scientific viewpoints.”


Activity in Student Union (SHS) or Student Association (SSHV)

SHS in Helsinki and SSHV in Vaasa make up the Student Union of Hanken, which is an independent body advocating for students. All Hanken students are members of SHS but you can choose to actively participate in events organized by the union or join committees and decision-making bodies. By doing this you will learn more about Finnish student culture and get to know Finnish students. 

The Student Union activity that can be included in the module includes tutoring, membership in the Student Council, Executive Board, committees, subcommittees, or with comparable bodies, which are confirmed by a student union certificate. The students will by request get the student union certificate from the student union's Secretary General (Helsinki) or the president of SSHV (Vaasa).

Read more about SHS and SSHV and their events here.

Acting as an International Student Ambassador

You can freely choose which courses and activities you want to include in your module and when you perform them, to best suit your study plan and life situation. However, note that some courses and activities are only offered once per year.

The following activities also have a recommended time:

  • Language studies in Swedish/Finnish are recommended to be started during your first semester so that you have time to take more courses in the language if you wish.
  • The mentorship programme follows the calendar year, you are therefore recommended to apply during autumn to be able to participate during the upcoming year (i.e. apply autumn 2022 to participate year 2023).
  • An internship during your master's studies is recommended to be done the summer between your first and second year. During the summer (May-August) there is also a possibility to apply for an internship grant.

It is good to keep in mind that some of the courses and activities (e.g. the mentorship programme and Vaasa International Talents - programme) require an application and have limited places, which means that everyone who wishes to include these in their module may not be able to.