Transferring Credits

Transferring Credits from previously attained degrees or courses.

Studies that have been completed before you were admitted to Hanken and studies that have been completed at another university or polytechnic in Finland or abroad during your studies at Hanken can be transferred to your degree at Hanken. Note, however, that studies included in the degree on the basis of which you were admitted to Hanken can not be transferred to the master's degree at Hanken.

Transferred studies must conform to the learning goals set for the master's degree or individual courses at Hanken.

The master's degree can include a maximum of 60 transferred credits. The transferred credits can be degree studies at another university, studies within a higher polytechnic degree or language studies at a polytechnic (university of applied sciences).

You apply for transfer of credits in Sisu. You can find instructions here. Carefully read the priciples for transfer of credits before submitting your application.

How are transferred credits graded?

Studies completed in Finland are, as a rule, transferred to the extent and with the grade originally received. If the studies are transferred, with the original grade and the scale differing from the scale used at Hanken, the grade will be converted to the scale used at Hanken.

Studies completed abroad are transferred with the grade "pass". The extent of the course will be converted to credits in accordance with the decision makers judgment or by consulting the Center for Research and International Affairs.

  • Only studies/courses that can be incorporated into a full degree can be transferred (degree studies, thus Executive MBA studies are not transferable)
  • You can compensate courses by completing them at another university
  • Studies that are included in a previous degree, based on which you were admitted to Hanken, cannot be transferred to your degree at Hanken. 
  • Theses cannot be transferred, nor can internships.
  •  Courses completed abroad are only transferred with a PASS grade
  • Within a MSc degree the maximum amount of transferred credits is 60 ECTS
  • Within a MSc degree you can transfer studies/courses attained at other universities and courses attained at the higher level of an university of applied sciences (MSc studies). Language studies can be transferred from both universities and universities of applied sciences/polytechnics.