Recognition of Prior Learning

Information about transferring credits or recognition of prior learning.

Recognition refers to a procedure where previously acquired learning can be accepted as part of your studies.

You can request the recognition of studies that you have completed at other higher education institutions in Finland (universities or universities of applied sciences) or abroad for your prospective degree. You must have received a passing grade on the studies to be recognised. You can also request the recognition of learning acquired in, for example, professional life, elected positions or hobbies. Such cases constitute learning acquired in non-formal and informal education.

Note, however, that studies included in the degree on the basis of which you were admitted to Hanken can not be transferred to the master's degree at Hanken.


You apply for transfer of credits in Sisu. You can find instructions here Opens in new window . Carefully read the principles for transfer of credits before submitting your application. Please notice that it s your responsibility to submit all required information and documentation.

  • Studies and non-formal learning can be transferred and recognized if they conform to the learning goals of your degree requirements at Hanken
  • Studies that are included in a previous degree, based on which you were admitted to Hanken, cannot be transferred to your degree at Hanken. 
  • Studies completed in Finland are, as a rule, transferred to the extent and with the grade originally received
  • Studies completed abroad are transferred with the grade "pass". The extent of the course will be converted to credits in accordance with the decision makers judgment or by consulting the Center for Research and International Affairs.
  • Theses cannot be transferred, nor can internships.
  • Studies completed more than ten years ago are generally not transferred
  • Within a MSc degree the maximum amount of transferred credits is 60 ECTS
  • Studies completed more than 10 years ago are not transferred. This rule does not apply to recognition of prior learning. Transferred credits expire ten years after the completion date.
  • When applying for recognition of learning acquired in non-formal and informal education you must also submit a description about how this learning conforms to the learning goals of your studies at Hanken.

Prior learning acquired in contexts other than formal education refers to non-formal or informal learning. Non-formal learning may be acquired in, for example, continuing education, in-house training and adult education. Informal learning can be acquired in everyday situations such as work, hobbies and elected positions.

When applying for the recognition of non-formal or informal learning for your degree, you must submit evidence and document the learning in the manner agreed with the teacher and demonstrate that you satisfy the learning outcomes set for the studies to be recognised. It is possible that you must also take an examination, create a portfolio, write an essay or report, attend an interview or complete other work. Furthermore, you may be expected to complete separate learning assignments or other equivalent tasks.

Usually, the recognition of prior learning acquired in non-formal and informal education must be applied for by submitting an application for substitution or inclusion. You must attach to your application a description of how the learning corresponds to the learning outcomes of the studies whose recognition you are requesting. If you are applying for substitution, your learning will be assessed according to the assessment scale provided for the course to be substituted for in the curriculum.