Health and well-being

All BSc and MSc students who have registered present should pay a health care fee, which entitles to the use the full range of services of the Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS). In addition, Hanken offers services of a study coach, a study psychologist and a psychotherapist.

Student Health Service

When visiting the Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS) you must show your student card with a valid sticker or a certificate of enrolment. For more information about the health care, please visit FSHS's webpage.

Study Coaching, Study Psychologist and Psychotherapist

Hanken offers its BSc, MSc and PhD students the possibility to meet with a study coach, psychologist or psychotherapist. For more information, see here. (Study Services)

Student chaplain

The student chaplain in Helsinki and Vaasa offers students the possibility to come and discuss almost any topic: study-related stress, everyday life, life changing choices, loneliness - nothing is too big or small. You can contact the student chaplain.

Do you want to talk to someone? The student chaplain is at your service!

The student chaplain is available to everyone from the Hanken community and is ready to listen to anything you need to talk about; study, work and leisure, happiness and sorrow, relationships and loneliness, stress and anxiety, spiritual matters and doubt. The student chaplain wants to offer a safe space for everyone, regardless of your background, religious conviction, gender or sexual orientation. The student chaplain also has professional confidentiality.

The student chaplain is a priest in the Finnish Evangelical-Lutheran church, but is available to everyone. What we talk about is up to you.

Studentprästen talar också svenska.

The contact information for the student chaplain is found on the Study Services website here.

UniSport - the University community´s own sports centre

UniSport, which is a joint venture by Hanken, the University of Helsinki, UniArts Helsinki and Aalto University, offers sports and exercise services to a special price for students at these universities. UniSport is a workout place with a positive vibe, where everyone can come as they are.

UniSport sports centres are located in Kluuvi, Töölö, Meilahti, Kumpula and Otaniemi. The popular season card gives you access e.g. to all UniSport gyms, group exercise classes and ball games groups. Other services include e.g. massage, various exercise courses and personal training services.

Read more about UniSport's services here. Your first session at Unisport is free of charge.

UniSport also offers the exercise program Break Pro. Read more below!