News around the event

Still hesitating to join our discussion? Wondering what Responsible Organising is about? Doubting that you and we can have an impact? Here you will find some news, which should convince you to join!

Read this blog article from Paul Larson and come to listen to him on November 13.

Are you Interested in learning about gender equality and abuse of power within organisations? Watch this video, where Equality Consultant Malin Gustavsson from Ekvalita talks about the importance of gender equality in practice! If you want to contribute to the discussion or just want to learn more, join our discussions on gender awareness and exclusion and inclusion within organisations on November 13! For those interested specifically in abuse of power within organisations, do join Ekvalita's workshop at the Responsible Organising conference, where you can engage in role-play activities on being a master suppressor! The activities will be followed by counter strategies of resistance! 

"Enough crying about it: let's do something!" This article deals about the scientists' reactions to Trump's election in the US. Is the role of researchers to communicate the value of science and research to the public? To advise? To protest? To stand up for what they know is true? Join our discussions on scholarly activism on November 13! 

Weinstein’s case perfectly exemplifies that we are not protected from abuse by people in power and that it is about time we all start rooting for institutional change even if it starts from our own workspace. More importantly, we need to create a space where people can start talking about these issues concretely and freely and this is what the conference ‘’Responsible Organising’’ aims to do. One of the aspects it touches upon in the context of responsible organising is gender awareness and exclusion and inclusion within organisations. So do join us if you want to learn more or contribute to the discussion!