Assurance of Learning (AoL)

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Through the Assurance of Learning (AoL) process, Hanken continuously develops the programmes that we offer. The purpose of the process is to improve your and your fellow-student's learning.AoL is a tool Hanken uses in order to assure that our graduates have the knowledge and skills that are required and expected of a BSc or a MSc graduate. Hanken has four general learning goals. They have been further specified for each programme to suit its level (BSc, MSc or PhD). There are also learning goals available for each course.In order to measure how well the students fulfil the programme specific goals, the students' performance are compared to the expectations. In these AoL-measurements we use AoL assessment rubrics. Our AoL data is analysed on programme level, which means that it is not single students who are assessed, but the contents and structure of the programmes.When the learning goals and the basis for assessment are clear to you as a student, you know what is expected of you. Then it is also easier to do well in your studies. Therefore we at Hanken encourage you to acquaint yourself with the learning goals of your programme and the courses you attend.Contact informationIf you have any questions related to AoL, please contact