About the HUMLOG Institute

Group picture with big windows, 22 people of differenet backgrounds, standing in two rows
Who are we? What are our goals? What are we doing? Which expertise can we provide? Find all those answers in this section!

The primary aim of the institute is to conduct research in humanitarian logistics and supply chain management. The main related output is publications, with a focus on high-quality peer-reviewed articles in academic journals. The research contributes to education and strives to have an impact on society. The main principles of our operation are openness and transparency.

Our activities are organised around four main pillars:

  • Research, with and for humanitarian organizations, from individual projects to international consortiums;
  • Education, through Master’s and PhD program;
  • Customised trainings, in partnership with practitioners;
  • Communication, dissemination and exchange of knowledge, via events and seminars, our Blog and academic publications.

We believe in synergistic collaboration and partnerships to achieve the aims we have set out and therefore work closely with large number of partners. We are involved and want to be involved in projects with representation of the academic community, the practitioners from humanitarian community and also civil society depending on the specificities of the project. Our expertise is that we go in-depth into challenges and together with our partners produce research outcomes, which are beneficial to people in need and are usable in practice in daily life. Our team is also specially involved in publishing the Journal of Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

Karen Spens, Rector of Hanken School of Economics

I think the work done at the HUMLOG Institute is really important. It is not only about doing research itself but actually through doing the research that matters.

Karen Spens, Co-founder of the HUMLOG Institute